The Hyperice Hypervolt 2 is the second-generation massage gun from Hyperice. Their Hypervolt is one of the best rated massagers on the market. The Hyperice Hypervolt 2 is lighter (weighing just 1.8lbs), more powerful, quieter and has a newly designed ergonomic handle. 

Before I purchased the Hyperice Hypervolt I cycled through a handful of knockoffs that retailed from R500-R1500. Some of the issues I experienced was the massager’s battery dying when used for more than ten consecutive minutes, needing to exert heavy pressure on the tool to get a good massage, and a burning plastic smell emitted from the massager when in use. None made it past a month. Eventually I decided to stop wasting time and money on the knockoffs and invest in the OG – The Hyperice. 

I went for the Hyperice Hypervolt 2, which is their smallest model and while still pricey is not as expensive as the other models. 

It comes with a manual, but it’s really easy to set up and intuitive to use. It needs to be charged for four hours before you use it the first time (it was ready way before then though) and then powers up with the touch of a single button. To increase the speed, you just press the same button again. Three little lights let you know what level you are on. To power off you just keep pressing until it stops. 

It says the battery life is 3 hours. I use it daily for 15-30 minutes and have to charge it about 1-2 times a week. There is a light strip on the handle that lets you know the battery’s charge level. Green is fully charged, yellow means low, orange is the warning sign – you have maximum 30 minutes of charge and then it goes red right before powering off. Recharging it is super quick and as soon as the strip turns green you know it’s good to go. The light strip is one of my favorite features as you know exactly when to charge it.                 

Another favorite feature is that it’s powerful enough that to feel it all you need to do is apply gentle pressure on the area you’re targeting. You don’t have to push down and exert pressure to feel it. I like level two, while Feige prefers level one. While it does hurt (like a good massage) on tight spots, it does an incredible job of releasing tight muscles. I use it daily as a full body massaging tool for recovery and if I’m feeling particularly tight or have a sore muscle or knot in my shoulders, I’ll use it to massage it out and it works brilliantly. I also used it on a gentle pressure around my knee to massage the connecting tissue when I had a bad case of runner’s knee and it helped so much. It’s like having your own personal masseuse. One of my favorite areas to use it on are my calves – it works them so much better than a foam roller. And of course, for tight hips – it gets right into that spot (if you know, you know).  

This version comes with two attachments, instead of five. I haven’t wanted for more attachments and find the two it comes with – flat and bullet – to be perfect for my needs. I mainly use the flat attachment but love the bullet for getting right into that tight spot in my hips and on my shoulders.

It’s tauted as being one of the quietest models on the market. It isn’t noisy but it isn’t silent. The best description I saw was that if you’re using it while on the phone or watching TV you’ll be able to hear and be heard perfectly. 

One of the features that makes it great for athletes is that it is small enough to travel with and is TSA approved so you can take it as hand luggage. In addition, one of my favorite features is that it comes with multiple international adapters making it easy to travel with, without needing to buy a special adapter. 

Absolutely! It’s one of my favorite (and most used) purchases and I’m only upset I waited so long to get one. However, whether something like this is worth it ultimately depends on how much you use it. If you’re like me and like massages or train often and find yourself with tired muscles that need to be attended to on the daily, you will love the Hyperice Hypervolt 2. 

It’s been worthwhile for me because I use it nearly every day and it’s made a difference to how fresh my body feels after working out. I find it easier to do than foam rolling and it hits spots a foam roller doesn’t which means I’m able to be more consistent with recovery and my body feels better for it. 

If it’s been on your wishlist, this is your sign to take the leap.

Get it here, R2999

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