Inhale Health ™ Inhaleable Vitamins


They come in sleek, brightly coloured boxes, screaming “ENERGY” and “VITAMIN”. I slide the box open and out comes a cold, oval shaped metal tube in the same colour as the box it slid from.


One side of the tube has tiny holes, the other, a logo. With the caution of a person who’s never had a cigarette pass her lips, I bring it up to my mouth and inhale; it smells faintly like berries, reminding me of a Lip Smacker. As I inhale, the small logo on the other end lights up. On exhale, a white cloud of vapour escapes through my lips and nostrils.


I have just inhaled a combination of Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12.


Next, I try the yellow tube, with the word ENERGY printed on it. Inhale, exhale and Vitamin B12, Natural Arabica Caffeine and L-Theanine curse through my bloodstream.


I am in the words of Inhale Health™ “living the future”- a future in which we inhale nutrients, not toxins.


Inhale Health ™ is a new and innovative company, whose products have just lnded in South Africa.  Inhale Health ™ has created inhalable nutrients, inhaled through one of their thin metal tubes.

These Inhalable Nutrients use “proprietary thermochemistry to heat liquid nutrient solutions and transition them to a vapor that is directly inhaled.” Their target nutrients enter the bloodstream immediately and users get to experience a faster and more efficient vitamin uptake than through pills and tablets.


Intrigued by this novel health apparatus and the idea that what appears to be a bad habit can actually become a good one, I approached the founder and CEO of Inhale Health™, Daniel Wolf Shapiro, armed with questions.


People forget that our bodies are built to inhale, and that we do so every moment of our lives.


Daniel Wolf Shapiro was quick to explain that inhalation is completely misunderstood. “People forget that our bodies are built to inhale, and that we do so every moment of our lives. Why is it then, that all the inhalable products in history deliver carcinogenic toxins?”


The inspiration behind Inhale Health™, he says, is “the biological truth that the respiratory system is a hyper-efficient, direct pathway to the bloodstream. Inhalation can and should be used for good”.


Inhale Health ™ believes that all products in all industries can and should serve the health and best interests of the people who use them. “Why build anything harmful for anyone ever? Askes Daniel, “Especially when the same delivery mechanism can be used to do so much good”


Inhale Health ™ inhaleable vitaminsInhale Health ™ inhaleable vitamins


It’s a nice sentiment, but as someone who has never smoked has never had the desire to smoke and deems it one of the worst things you can do to your body, the idea of using a product, that requires you to inhale and then exhale a substance felt uncomfortable and unnatural. I struggled to see how a person, who strives to live a healthy life – the very market Inhale Health ™ was inserting themselves into, would find this something they’d actually want to use.


Why I asked Daniel, did you choose to design something healthy to mimic smoking, which is known to be unhealthy?


That design was in fact intentional. Inhale Health™, Daniel told me are obsessed with product design. From ingredients to packaging, to logos, no detail is overlooked.


Inhale Health ™ said Daniel has nothing to do with mimicking smoking. “We do hope to wake up the world to the truth that they can Inhale Health ™ rather than toxins. People really need to have this epiphany.”


For Daniel, the important idea to grasp is that inhalation itself is not unhealthy. It is an essential mechanism of the human body. “We use inhalation on a moment to moment basis to supply the bloodstream with oxygen. Our goal in time is to shift the collective consciousness regarding its associations with inhalation. We believe in a future where humanity inhales nutrients, not toxins. One day people will look back on smoking as a bygone relic of the past. The people of the future will rapidly deliver nutrients to their bodies through direct inhalation.”


Our goal in time is to shift the collective consciousness regarding its associations with inhalation. We believe in a future where humanity inhales nutrients, not toxins


Despite, Daniel’s insistence that it was not mimicking smoking; I wondered if Inhale Health ™ would be able to do what the makers of electric cigarettes hope to do – kerb smoking. While electric cigarettes still contain nicotine – unhealthy and addictive, Inhale Health ™, contains vitamins which are neither addictive nor unhealthy.


According to Daniel, Inhale Health ™ products have helped many people stop smoking due to the fact that they service the “oral fixation”.  Inhale Health™ products were not designed to be smoking cessation tools, however, due to the form factor many have adopted them as such. This is something Inhale Health ™ is incredibly proud and inspired by – creating new healthy habits in people’s lives.


Rather, than something unhealthy, Inhale Health ™ is designed to be a healthy habit. None of the Vitamins used have a daily maximum, meaning you could use them as frequently as you wish to support peak vitamin levels.


Inhale Health ™ Inhaleable Vitamins


Inhale Health ™ products come in four variants, of which three are available for sale in South Africa at Wellness warehouse and Faithful to Nature Shop the range here.


The VITAMIN™ line comes in Vanilla Classic and Strawberry Fields.

This line combines four b-complex vitamins: B1, B2, B6 and B12 (Thiamine, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine, and Cobalamin).  Vitamins B1 and B2 support a healthy immune system and metabolism. B6 aids in neurotransmitter production and red blood cell longevity. B12 supports natural energy production by helping our bodies break down the foods we eat and convert them to sugars.


The ENERGY™ line comes in Electric BerryThis consists of a higher concentration of vitamin B12 combined with organic caffeine naturally sourced from Arabica coffee extract. The heightened levels of B12 coupled with rapidly delivered caffeine provide a heightened sense of alertness at a moment’s notice. 


Each device contains 500 activations, which will last you between one week and one month, depending on your usage. When your device has reached the end of its lifecycle, it flashes to let you know it’s time to get a new one – no batteries or recharging needed.


Inhale Health ™ Inhaleable Vitamins


Despite the fact that none of Inhale Health™ products contain any substances that have a legal age restriction, they are not on sale to anyone under 18 years of age as a self-enforced company policy. The ENERGY™ product which contains caffeine is not recommended when nursing or pregnant. 


A few days into trying them out, the action became less awkward and more comfortable. It did however; leave my throat a bit irritated. There’s a faint whiff of the flavour, which is pleasant, but other than that they leave no smell. While physically I feel the same, using them was more “fun” than popping a few vitamins and oddly calming. It’s definitely a novel and exciting new way to add more nutrients to your body.


Want to try it for yourself? scroll the range below and click to purchase and enter our giveaway to win an Inhale Health ™ product!


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Inhale Health™ GIVEAWAY!

 Inhale Health ™ Inhaleable Vitamins


UPDATE: This competition is now closed, congrats to our winners Robyn and Wayne!

Want to try them for yourself? We’re giving away one Inhale Health™ product to two lucky readers. To stand a chance of winning, comment below and tell us what two lines of Inhale Health™ are available in South Africa.


Competition Rules:

Competition closes Thursday, 8 June, 2017.

Valid only to residents of South Africa.

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  • Manjoo Rughunandan
    June, 9, 2017

    Energy and vitamins

  • Joande Fourie
    June, 9, 2017

    Vitamin and Energy lines. Looks amazing!

  • Carolyn Augustus
    June, 8, 2017

    The VITAMIN™ line which comes in Vanilla Classic and Strawberry Fields, and The ENERGY™ line comes in Electric Berry.

  • ann foster
    June, 2, 2017

    “ENERGY” and “VITAMIN”

  • Fiona Wiggins
    June, 2, 2017

    Vitamin and energy!

  • Wayne
    May, 26, 2017

    Energy line and vitamin line

  • Robyn Cronje
    May, 26, 2017

    The VITAMIN™ line which comes in Vanilla Classic and Strawberry Fields, and The ENERGY™ line comes in Electric Berry. This is such a fantastic innovation! Love the idea! 😀

  • Georgie
    May, 26, 2017

    These are so flippin cool.. would love to give this a try 🙂
    Energy and Vitamin are the two lines currently available in SA!

  • Samantha
    May, 26, 2017

    Vitamin and Energy

  • Brenna Robertson
    May, 26, 2017

    vitamin and energy lines

  • Adeline Pillay
    May, 25, 2017

    Vitamin & Energy Inhale Health

  • lauren
    May, 24, 2017

    “ENERGY” and “VITAMIN”

  • Adene Nell
    May, 23, 2017

    The Vitamin and Energy are the two Inhale Health lines available in South Africa.

  • Sasha Reddy
    May, 23, 2017

    The Vitamin and Energy Line. Such a unique concept.

  • dina dos sanots
    May, 23, 2017

    Vanilla Classic and Strawberry Fields.

  • Meredith Fernandes
    May, 23, 2017

    What a different idea, would love to give it a try. Energy and Vitamin are available in SA 🙂

  • Nishaat
    May, 23, 2017

    The 2 lines that are available in South Africa are:

    The VITAMIN™ line which comes in Vanilla Classic and Strawberry Fields, and The ENERGY™ line comes in Electric Berry.

  • Heloise
    May, 23, 2017

    Very interested to try them, as I’m not a fan of smoking, but enjoy the taste of good air.

  • Anna
    May, 23, 2017

    Super incredible product, would love to try!!! Vitamin and Energy are the two lines available 🙂 🙂 fingers crossed! xx