Instagram can be a toxic breeding ground for self esteem issues. It can also be a wonderful place to discover new brands, products, and helpful tips in so many different areas. Nothing is ever all bad (or all good) and it’s up to you to control what you consume. 

When Instagram’s algorithm is at its best, it’s great at serving you the kind of content you enjoy watching. Case in point, my feed. No matter what I’m into at a given time my feed seems to adapt accordingly. 

Recently I was on a home cleaning frenzy (thanks to Passover which forces you into a necessary yearly deep clean) and a few cleaning hacks served to me by Instagram were game changing enough for me to want to share them. So, if cleaning is your jam, why not give some of these a go?

Instagram Cleaning Hacks I’ve Tried 

This method was effective for all the inside parts of an oven. I’ve never gotten an oven rack cleaner or seen grimier water. The only difference to my method is that I don’t find the baking soda solution very helpful inside the oven. Zissy found these pumice cleaners on Amazon and they are incredible, just be cautious around the glass windows as these do scratch.

This method wasn’t as game changing as the oven racks but what I liked about it was the time saving of leaving them in the bowl to allow the dirt to loosen while you clean other areas.

We were so excited to try this hack that we went out and bought another pasta tong. The extra benefit is that a pasta tong is a must have kitchen item. This works amazingly on blinds that are in areas where no water or moisture gets to, i.e., entrance blinds. For kitchen and bathroom blinds, the steam really binds dust to the blinds, so it does require you to scrub each one (I do it with sunlight dishwash liquid and a regular dish sponge). BUT this method is very helpful with clearing the dirt once you have scrubbed them. Unfortunately, this is a tedious second step because if you don’t do it, you get dirty streaks drying making it look like you haven’t done anything. This helped the second step feel less painful and it was more effective than wiping it away with a cloth. 

This one looks very cool however it doesn’t actually work for every toilet design. Ours don’t have the section where you can clip it under, but check your toilet to see if you can do it!

I don’t know if I hate putting on duvet covers or hanging curtains more, but the duvet cover is something that gets cleaned much more often (I hope!). I have a love hate relationship with this technique. It works and leaves you with a smoother duvet look but it takes a few watches of this video to figure out what to do. I think it’s useful if you are putting on a cover alone, but if you have someone around to help you, the two-person-shake-on is easier and quicker.

Instagram Cleaning Hacks I Want to Try

What are the best cleaning tips you have discovered off of Instagram? And are you interested in seeing the best closet organization and beauty tips Instagram has served me too?

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