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My fitness journey is one that is very recent. I’ve only been in the ‘healthy’ boat for a year now. One year ago to this day, I made the concise decision to live a happier healthier lifestyle. I wanted to be conscious of what I put into my body and to monitor how active I was.

In this one year, I have learned more about myself than I ever thought I could. I have learned about setting goals, willpower, and self-love


So what have I learned from my fitness journey?

Set Achievable Goals

Well, I have learned to set goals, not unrealistic unattainable goals but simple ones. Goals I am able to reach and then work relentlessly to achieve them no matter what.

What I’ve learnt from Fitness Journey


Be kind to yourself

I have also learned to be kind to myself to allow the process to be slow and manageable. Through that, I have come to enjoy the process. I have found myself enjoying my training sessions, cardio classes, and weight training.

Push Yourself

I have also learned to push myself. I have learned that I am stronger and able of accomplishing more than I ever thought. That I AM ABLE to do that last sit-up or those last ten squats or that 30-minute run.

It’s not easy to get out of bed in the pouring rain or to wake up in the pitch dark of winter. It’s not easy to run in the blistering heat of summer or to work through head colds. It’s not easy when you are unmotivated and have low self-esteem moods but I do it because I AM ABLE and because I am stronger than I think.

What I’ve learnt from my Fitness Journey

Hard Work Pays Off

I have learned that nothing comes easy and that hard work and motivation is the only thing that pays off. Saying no to that pizza or the piece of chocolate (you know it will lead to the whole bar) truly is profitable and in the end, I am the only one who can do it for me.

Love Yourself

But beyond all that I have learned to love myself. I think that is the key to any happy, healthy lifestyle. You are unique and you are beautiful and you deserve to live well, to be active and healthy. It’s not the size you are or number you weigh that counts. It’s my ability to live, to thrive, to be all I can.

So after all this, I love myself for all that I am. I embrace the good and the bad about my body. I am still learning to do this and it’s a daily struggle but I think I’m on the right track.

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