Convincing yourself as an adult to eat healthily can be hard enough, but convincing a child to eat healthily? It seems a lot harder, but not if you ask Megan Rodseth.


Megan Rodseth credits 6-year-old Bayley as her main inspiration for starting her plant-based bakery – Gypsy Kitchen. They regularly spend Sundays together in the kitchen whipping up healthy food, and Megan has learned how to make this time educational, fun and delicious.


Megan shares her top tips on how to make healthy food and eating more fun, more interactive and getting your kids involved with every step of the process. 


4 Ways to get your Kids involved and excited to make healthy food
Megan and Bayley


Make it fun – Let them get their hands “dirty” by including them in the making process and letting them lick the spoons.


Make fun shapes – Let them choose shapes to cut out – hearts, smiley faces, stars – the options are endless. I make heart shaped pasta with Bayley.


Make it colourful – Use fresh and colourful ingredients. Let them come with you to the store. Get them involved in the whole process from choosing the ingredients to eating the final dish


Educate them – Tell them what you are making and why. If you can grow herbs or even fruits and veggies at home do it! Letting them smell and taste the different things is great fun. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing something grow and then using it to create a delicious treat.


To find out more about Gypsy Kitchen or order healthy sweet treats, find them on Instagram @the_gypsy_kitchen_sa_ or Facebook @TheGypsyKitchenSA

Or contact Megan at or 0827379160


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