Pronounced “Hoo-guh”, hygge is a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”.


Hygge is the latest lifestyle trend and it’s no coincidence that a trend which embraces coziness and winter as its season, comes from Scandanavia – the place populated by “the happiest people on earth”. It’s also the place where, for half the year, a whole lot of coziness and hygge is needed to get through the winter.


While Hygge inspired products (from beauty, to hair, to clothing and food) are popping up; becoming “hyggelit” as described by the House of Hygge doesn’t mean adopting a new lifestyle or buying anything new. It simply requires being present “and recognising a moment that feels so sweet, cosy, charming, special or nice that you just have to name the moment”. In a way it’s a version of being present, mindful and appreciating the small things.


Your guide to embracing Hygge and become Hyggelit



Anything warm, cozy and bonus points if it comes in a bowl. Foods in bowls are very hygge.


Our favourites include this everyday lentil soup with fresh sourdough bread on the side (sorry gluten free is very un-hygge); a savoury bowl of morning oats and this chicken noodle bowl.


When it comes to preparing your food, cast iron skillets are a must. Bonus points if you can prep and serve your entire meal in Le Creuset baking ware – their new Rosemary collection has some serious Hygge vibes (based on the fact that it’s the same colour as the packaging from a new Hygge beauty range that’s just landed in Sephora).



Anything hot, steamy and spicy works here. Preferably it should be served in your oldest but most treasured mug or in a bronze moscow mule mug.

Hygge inspired Favourites include Hot toddys’; this blender hot chocolate and if it must be cold, something spicy (and spiked) like this spicy apple cocktail.



When it comes to hair, last year’s cool tones and unicorn coloured hair is out. This year it’s all about warm tones. Think bronze, gold and buttery tones. Colours like Auburn, copper and blorange which is a mix between orange and blond.


Beauty wise, clear and fresh skin is in. So you want to spend more time on your cleansing and pampering beauty routine than the makeup part. Look for products that have calming scents like Eucalyptus in their ingredients.



Staying in is the new going out, so doing nothing is ideal.

Long baths, filled with a soothing Epsom salt soak or bubbles if you must, surrounded scented candles, is how you want to spend your time off. To continue the hygge feels, it should be followed by throwing on either your oldest and comfiest jams (the ones you don’t want anyone to see but adore) or a fluffy robe.


For chilly evenings, wrapping yourself up in a cozy knit throw is a must, in front of a fireplace. If you don’t have one, a good old hot water bottle (fluffy cover only) will do.



When you must go out, simplicity and comfort is what you want in your clothes. Hygge is about embracing the beauty of the ordinary – so you want practical yet refined items. Materials like cotton, cashmere and knit, in athleisure look styles. Combine cotton pyjama look pants with chunky knit scarves and minimalist sneakers. Or if you want to make a bigger statement, go for fluffy sandals and slides or just attach pom poms to your bags, shoes and beanies.


What are your tips for embracing hygge?

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