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At the end of every Skimm’d from the Couch podcast episode they ask their guests a list of quickfire questions. In the episode with Bobbi Brown, one of the questions was “What is the best under-eye makeup tip?”. Bobbi’s response: “It’s moisturizer, make sure you find a really good eye cream”.


She then went on to explain that she uses oil on her face, specifically Organic Apricot Kernel oil that rings in in under $10. It was quickfire, less than a minute. She didn’t even explain the science behind it, rather “for some reason it’s really good”, but somehow it was the one thing from a 40-minute podcast that stuck with me.


Bobbi Brown is the Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown Makeup – a beauty industry titan and famous makeup artist. It struck me that when asked for a makeup tip, her answer didn’t include makeup or her own brand.


Apricot Kernel oil is an inexpensive odourless pale yellow-gold oil. It’s suitable to all skin types and is gently and light – it sinks right into your skin. Apricot kernel oil contains;

  • High amounts of b-sisterol (known to reduce inflammation)
  • Gamma Linoleic Acid (which helps maintain your skins moisture balance as well as firm and tone your skin)
  • Vitamin A (to protect against sun damage and restore damage)
  • Vitamin E (which protects against free radical damage and slows the signs of aging).
  • Essential fatty acids (giving it restorative properties which is ideal for softening fine lines, giving your skin a healthy glow and soothing dry skin).


Best is it’s not only your skin that it works for – it’s also good for your hair and nails. It hydrates and softens your hair and can help relieve a dry and itchy scalp. It’s also good for your nails and cuticles and can strengthen and nourish brittle nails. It’s quite likely the best all-body oil you can use.


After extensive research I settled on the Now Solutions Apricot Oil which came with good reviews and was around the $7 mark Bobbi had mentioned. You can however find apricot kernel oil here and here, both coming in under R100 (sizes differ).


For over a month I’ve been using it as a face and neck moisturizer. I love that it doesn’t have a scent and oh-my-greatness it feels so good on your skin! All you need is a literal drop – it spreads incredibly well. So well in fact one drop feels almost too much. It feels oily in a good non-greasy way (like it gets into your skin oily but doesn’t make you look oily). My skin feels ultra-soft. As for softening fine lines and brighter under eyes, I can’t say for certain. I’m convinced my under-eye area is brighter but with no before and after pictures I have little to go on except memory. I will say, it feels incredibly good on my skin and I haven’t had a bad reaction to it. Spending R120 for a 473ml bottle of moisturiser that appears to not be emptying despite daily use, makes it maybe the best, most affordable moisturiser option.


If it’s good enough for Bobbi Brown, it’s good enough for me… hell I may even start lathering it on my legs. I hear it makes them dazzle too.


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