If you take Instagram as a source of news and trends, then it would appear that there is a boom in the local active wear brand labels. Either that, or the algorithm is working overtime to show me girls in bright active wear being active. Most of these brands are new, all are small and produce active wear made here in South Africa.


We all know the big brands; but how many smaller local brands do you know? Below are some local active wear brands we discovered on Instagram, and then stalked their websites to find our favorite picks from their lines.


Tehini Fit



Tehini Fit favours blacks, whites and grays which means the majority of their activewear is in the aforementioned colours. They’re manufactured using environmentally friendly principles and they state that all their materials are see-through resistant so that you can bend, squat and lunge without revealing more than you want to.


My pick: These high wasted ballet foot tights paired with this off the shoulder crop tracksuit top.




Fitbury creates athletic clothing for women, men and kids. Their range includes plain colours (my preferred options) or colorful prints from shapes to doughnuts, if you prefer your activewear with a touch more personality.


My pick: This pink bra and high wasted shorts combo or these navy leggings




Like most new athletic companies Daychaser designs athletic wear you can use at the gym or during everyday activities. They have a basic range in blacks, whites and grays with a few coloured or patterned options.


My Pick: These plum leggings  paired with this bra and this gym tank


Chloe Jane


Chloe Jane is an active wear brand created by mother daughter duo – Chloe and Jane. They started the brand to bring affordable active wear that wasn’t the standard monochrome gym gear, to South Africa. Their range consists of leggings and shorts in bright colours and bold prints


My pick: The Bali Bay leggings


Pretty Peach Activewear


Pretty Peach activewear born out of a passion to create stylish gym wear that was also effective, aka supports you no matter what you do. They have tops, bras and leggings as well as the cutest mommy and me sets. Their range consists of both tropical and graphic prints and plain block colours.


My pick:  These geometric leggings with this tank although my love for watermelons has me considering these


OTG Active


OTG Active has one of the biggest ranges which includes clothing for gym, yoga, running and swimming.


My pick: The wanderlust leggings




Buala specialises in pastel coloured activewear and swimwear for women. In a sea of primary coloured activewear, having a brand that only does soothing pastels is refreshing.


My pick: The mint arrow tights with matching tank


Do you know of cool local brands we missed? If so, please shout them out in the comments!


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main image graphic: Feige Lewin, images via brands instagram pages 

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