Whether you want to ease tension, soothe tired muscles or invigorate your body and mind, we have the bath salts for you.


There are two types of people, those who love to bath and those who loathe it.


The first type, my people, understand the bliss that is running the water, selecting the right bath salts, lighting some candles, stepping into a cocoon of warmth, and escaping for some precious moments of relaxation.

The second type just hasn’t had the right bath…and that is a simple problem that can be fixed with a little guidance… and just the right bath salts.


Bath Salts for Every Mood


I’m a bath salts over bubbles person, a choice that comes down to my tendency to multi-task. I like my bath time to multi-task for me and function not just as a cleanse and relax but also as recovery. Bath salts are particularly good at soothing tired muscles. The combination of bath salts and a hot bath at night, I’ve discovered, also guarantee the deepest night’s sleep.


Whether you love or loathe to bath, this guide is for you. It’s a selection of the best bath salts from local companies who take care ensuring that the ingredients put into their products are good for you. There’s a bath salt for every mood, scent preference and need and if I still can’t convince you to fully submerge in a tub of bliss, all these salts can easily be used in a foot bath to revive and soothe achy soles.


As for me, I’ll be submerged in a steaming salt bath, slowly turning into a tension free prune.


Eco Diva Relaxing Bath & Foot Soak

Best for citrus lovers

Bath Salts for Every Mood

Eco Diva has an ethos of non-toxic living which feeds into all their products which are formulated with the highest quality organic ingredients that offer a higher count of antioxidants, vitamins, mineral salts, essential fatty and amino acids. These nutrients are crucial for skin-cell health, function and repair.

The Eco Diva Relaxing Bath & Foot Soak is a mineral rich soak with a combination of nourishing and healing salts and oils including magnesium sulphate which soothes inflammation and muscle cramps.

We love the grapefruit and bergamot peel oil which gives it a delicious citrus smell which lingers as you bathe; and the oils which leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

Get Eco Diva Relaxing Bath & Foot Soak here


The Victorian Garden Cedarwood & Rose Epsom Bath Salts

Best for a relaxing spa-like experience

Bath Salts for Every Mood

The Victorian Garden is based on making Victorian products using the same old-fashioned methods and pure, unadulterated ingredients like herbs and flower extracts that were used in the 1800s. Their ingredients are certified organic wherever possible, and they follow an ethical, sustainable and cruelty free ethos.

The Victorian Garden Cedarwood & Rose Epsom Bath Salts combine the health benefits of Epsom Salts and the healing feel good factor of essential oils. Epsom salts are easily absorbed through the skin and have been shown to help:

Ease stress and relax the body

Relieve pain and muscle cramps

Contribute to efficient muscle and nerve functioning

Assist in eliminating toxins from the body

We love the rose petals that float by as you relax in the bath which together with the rose scent that lifts up with the steam, creates a relaxing environment leaving you feeling incredibly relaxed. The cedarwood and rose essential oils leave your skin feeling satiny smooth, not oily.

Good to know it also comes in Lavender

Get The Victorian Garden Cedarwood & Rose Epsom Bath Salts here


The Apothecary Revive Marine Mint Bath Salts

Best for an uplifting pick me up after long tiring days

Bath Salts for Every Mood

The Apothecary is a range of wholesome body care and home care products, crafted locally in small batches using the purest natural ingredients. That commitment to ingredients means that their products can be easily recognized and used by your body, serve useful functions in your body and environment; and can be safely and simply dealt with in nature when we release them into air or water. So much so, all their body products only include edible ingredients.

The Apothecary Revive Marine Mint Bath Salts are the ultimate pick me up after a long tiring day. Epsom salts soothe tired muscles and ease tension, the peppermint oil revives and clears your mind; and the seaweed sea vegetables and grasses supply a host of detoxifying and healing nutrients.

We love the strong minty smell that when combined with steaming hot water has an invigorating cleansing feeling, like steaming but better. The turquoise color, little mint leaves and seaweed that swirl around the tub lend a luxurious spa like feel.

Good to know it also comes in Soothing Rose and Rosehip, Detoxing Bergamot and Rosemary, and Relaxing Lavender

Get The Apothecary Revive Marine Mint Bath Salts here


Sally-Ann Creed Luxury Bath Salts

Best for the minimalist

Bath Salts for Every Mood

Sally-Ann Creed has a wide range of health and wellness products made with a simple and pure formulation focused on fulfilling a specific purpose. It’s a brand built on putting customers first and producing the best products in health and wellness.

The Sally-Ann Creed Luxury Bath Salts combine Epsom salts and other special salts which help the entry of magnesium into the cells. Magnesium is a mineral compound used for centuries as a natural remedy for many ailments. Magnesium is readily absorbed into the skin, which makes its health benefits quickly accessible, providing:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved muscle and nerve function
  • Improved nutrient absorption
  • Help to flush toxins

These salts soothe sore muscles and prevent cramps and joint pain, exfoliate dead skin to soften your skin, reduces toxins, kills foot fungus and removes odour and can be used as a sunburn treatment.

We love that it uses Epsom salts and magnesium which is brilliant for post-workout recovery and sleep. It’s also the only unscented option which is nice for times you don’t want a scented salt.

Get Sally-Ann Creed Luxury Bath Salts here


Bliss Holistic Living Unicorn Fizzing Salts

Best for embracing your inner child / making your kids bath time magical

Bath Salts for Every Mood

Bliss Holistic Living prides itself in creating natural hand-crafted products, made with high quality, natural ingredients that are non-toxic sustainable and eco-friendly. They reflect owner, Lizbie Obermeyer, a Children’s Yoga instructor ethos of mindfully creating products that have your health and that of Mother Earth at heart.

The Bliss Holistic Living Unicorn Fizzing Salts are brightly coloured salts that give a sherbet feel. They add fun and relaxation to bath time. They’re made with kids in mind and are enriched with Bergamot essential oil which helps improve both mood and focus.

We love that despite the playfulness of these brightly colored salts, the essential oils come through, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Get Bliss Holistic Living Unicorn Fizzing Salts here


Therapeutic Naturals ZeoActive Hydrotherapy Joint Muscle Mineral Bath Salts

Best for the athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Bath Salts for Every Mood

The Therapeutic Naturals ZeoActive Hydrotherapy Joint Muscle Mineral Bath Salts are specially formulated with athletes and fitness enthusiasts in mind. It combines mustard, magnesium and zeolite to soothe your mind, muscles and joints and provide a deep relaxation and recovery hydrotherapy experience.

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that provides many health benefits both internally and externally including detoxing and strengthening your immune system.

Mustard improves blood circulation, skin texture and helps release muscular tension.

Magnesium helps to decrease inflammation and relieve muscular soreness and minimise the effect of painful muscular cramps.

We love the addition of wintergreen which gives the bath a menthol like smell. That combined with the triple strength ingredients which make this salt best for recovery and soothing tired muscles after heavy workouts.

Get Therapeutic Naturals ZeoActive Hydrotherapy Joint Muscle Mineral Bath Salts here


Therapeutic Naturals Zeolite Body Detox & Alkalize Mineral Soaking Salts

Best for a deep detox

Bath Salts for Every Mood

Created by Therapeutic Naturals, the Zeolite Mineral Soaking Salts range are made with a mineral-rich volcanic ash known as zeolite, mixed with sea salt and Himalayan salt, plus pure essential oils. These soaking salts contain no artificial colours, fragrances, additives or preservatives. They work to soften and cleanse your skin, while gently drawing toxins out of your body. They also have a positive, soothing and uplifting effect on the mind and mood. Out of all the salts, they have the most powdery feel almost like a very fine salt powder with a little bit of grain. If you don’t like the oily feel some bath salts leave, you’ll love these which don’t have that oiliness.

We love the uplifting lime & patchouli mineral soaking salts which have a very bright and fresh smell that lingers on your skin after the bath. It’s made with Zeolite, mineral-rich zeolite, therapeutic pink salt, a dash of lime, patchouli and lavender oils. The added health benefits of Zeolite in detoxing, alkalising the body and supporting immune health is an added benefit.

Good to know they come in 6 different variations depending on the scent you like and what mood you’re in.

Get Therapeutic Naturals Zeolite Body Detox & Alkalize Uplifting Mineral Soaking Salts here


Therapeutic Naturals Bathe Hydrotherapy Bathing Powders

Best for soothing skin

Bath Salts for Every Mood

Bathe Hydrotherapy Bathing Powders are a luxurious blend of pure essential oils with natural powders containing minerals and nutrients to help soothe your skin as well as relax your body and mind. They’re made in Montagu, a historical mountain valley village in the Little Karoo. They’re good for mineral baths, steam baths, foot baths or saunas and transform your bathroom into your own personal hydrotherapy spa. As the name suggests they are a powder which completely dissolves in the bath. Like the other salts from Therapeutic Naturals, the Bathe Hydrotherapy range contains Zeolite which helps detox your body and support immune health.

We love the variety! Within the range there are enough options for every mood and taste. There’s also some of the wildest and most interesting combinations like pumpkin, coconut, baobab, charcoal and rooibos!

Good to know there are 7 different variations

Soothing Mustard enriched with Mustard – to help improve your skin texture

Cleansing Charcoal enriched with activated charcoal to cleanse your skin, unclog pores, remove deeper impurities, and dead skin cells.

Refreshing Boabab Enriched with Baobab – to help boost your skin’s natural elasticity and smoothness and Vitamin C to help to promote your skin’s collagen formation

Tranquil Coconut enriched with Coconut – which has the fatty acids that help to keep your skin hydrated.

Rejuvenating Pumpkin enriched with Pumpkin – to help fight sun damage and wrinkles

Nourishing Oats Enriched with Oats – to help wash away dirt and oil that clogs your pores.

Relaxing Rooibos enriched with Rooibos – a source of alpha hydroxy that helps to revitalize your skin.

Get Therapeutic Naturals Bathe Hydrotherapy Bathing Powders here


Bath Salts for Every Mood

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