Tidying expert Marie Kondo’s name became synonymous with minimalism, sparking joy and decluttering. However, if you read her books and learn her method, you’ll realize that she’s not telling you to get rid of everything, encouraging a beige aesthetic or even insisting every item in your home sparks joy. What she is doing is giving you tools to create a home and space that is organized and suited to your needs. She teaches you to go through clutter in your home (because we all have it) and be honest with yourself as to whether you need it, want it, or use it. And she teaches you how to categorize items and store them so they’re not only neat but easy to make use of.  

Inspired by her latest book, a tidying companion, I’ve put together a shopping guide to get you closer to a space that sparks joy when you enter it, even if all the items don’t (hello paperwork). 

The Marie Kondo Tidying Companion
Get The Marie Kondo Tidying Companion here, R348 

If you really want to use her method, I’d recommend starting not with the book that launched thousands of moments of joy, but with her latest tidying companion. It’s a workbook come journal that shows you diagrams of how to fold clothes and store items and breaks down the order you should clean it. It also includes journaling prompts that not only make you really think about the space you want to create before you start, but also holds you accountable to your get tidy action plan. 

Shop the Home Edit Clear Storage bins here, R170-R699

We love using clear storage bins for organizing food items (both fridge and pantry) as well as cosmetics in a bathroom vanity. In both cases you want to be able to immediately see what you are looking for. We organize bins by category. For example, in the bathroom we have bins that contain first aid, face products, hair products, sun screen, bath salts etc. This makes it really easy to locate and use what you need. 

The Home Edit storage bins are the most bougie but also thoughtfully made with practical solutions for every category. However, you can now find really nice clear storage bins at Pep Home and MRP Home for a fraction of the cost. 

Get Velvet Hangers here, R499 for 50 

One of the quickest ways to make your closet look tidier and roomier is by using uniform slim hangers. We love these non-slip black velvet ones. 

Get storage bags here, R89.90 

If you have little storage space or own bulky items you don’t often need like big jackets, these storage bags are the perfect place to keep them so they don’t get ruined, and you can find them. Store at the top of a cupboard or under a bed. 

Get vacuum storage bags here, R219

If you want to go one step further in space saving, these vacuum storage bags are brilliant and the added plus is that they’re multi-use by being great for travel, when you need to minimize the volume your clothes are taking up in a suitcase.

Get the bra organizer here, R249
Get the underwear organizer here, R189

Marie Kondo believes underwear, specifically bras should be stored like royalty. She’s not wrong, a good bra is hard to come by and expensive. This bra organizer is perfect for underwire padded bras while this soft bra and underwear organizer is great for bralettes non padded bras. 

Get the rope basket here, R329
Get the storage box here, R149

Not all storage is hidden, for storage that is both practical and pretty go for rope baskets or neutral storage bins you can store under shelves.  

Get cable organised here R379

Cables are the hardest to store, especially ones you use daily. This cable storage box is genius in that it allows you to hide the plug exposing only the cables you need to use when you need to use them. 

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