Micharn Pollock defines success as “being able to do what I love with the people I love around me”. A definition that perfectly matches up with her name – Micharn, inspired by the Chinese name meaning Child of Love.


A model and actress, Micharn is currently working on her biggest success to date. A short film entitled “Sarah’s Bedroom” which she wrote, is producing and is acting in. A process she calls incredible and unique.


It’s allowed her to expand her repertoire while still being able to enjoy her favourite part of her job “I love the process of preparing for a role; exploring different situations and emotions and bringing truth and reality to it. There has to be compassion for people and no judgement of the character which is incredibly powerful. I feel that I gain a new perspective on people and life with each audition. I love the challenge that each role brings. It keeps me growing. Our body is a wonderful instrument and acting allows me to play”.


How Model and Actress Micharn Pollack Keeps HealthyLeading up to where she is today, Micharn has dealt with the upsets that come with being an actress, her biggest one being an audition that never materialised “I was preparing for an audition for a role that was so exciting to me. The movie was then put on hold and I never got to audition!”


Fierce competition and rejection has also taught Micharn about acceptance and being herself.


“Over time I have come to realise that a lot of rejection is not only about me – sometimes it is, but not always! Often they are looking for a certain type. I cannot be every type so I will always face a certain amount of rejection. It’s just part of it and I have come to accept that”


How Model and Actress Micharn Pollack Keeps HealthyBeyond acting, writing and producing Micharn plays the drums, a hobby she says surprises most people and is a self-professed health and fitness nut. She has always enjoyed sport and used to play tennis competitively. “Now I play for enjoyment. I love trying new activities and when on the east coast I love to water ski, wake board and surf.”


How Model and Actress Micharn Pollack Keeps HealthyMicharn is motivated to stay fit and healthy because of how it makes her feel. “I have more energy and I am more productive.” She also attributes it to helping her with her work. “Being connected with my body and mind is so important for acting. Dancing and other exercise helps me to connect with myself.”


Micharn Pollock’s Guide to Healthy Living


Favourite way to moveHow Model and Actress Micharn Pollack Keeps Healthy

Dance! I love Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet and Zumba.


Favourite way to recover

A smoothie just after a work-out always gets me back on my feet!


Favourite Way to start each dayHow Model and Actress Micharn Pollack Keeps Healthy

I start each morning with a green juice. If I don’t have time to make my own I keep a stock of One Juice cold pressed green juices. I love their Green Zero juice. (Handy living so close to them!)


Favourite way to end the day

A cup of tea and a good book.


My go-to Breakfast

Gluten free toast with smashed avo.


Favourite fruit

Goji Berries are great for energy boosting (which I love to have on set)!


Favourite Vegetable

Tenderstem Broccoli


Favourite dish to make

I make a mean smoothie bowl using the SuperFoods range from Wellness Warehouse. My Super Smoothie Bowl recipe: Chia seeds soaked in coconut milk over-night, fresh mango chunks, fresh blueberries, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, almonds and a drizzle of honey.


Favourite Meal

Ceviche. When I’m in Joburg I always make a trip to Tasha’s Flamingo Room, in Nelson Mandela Square, for their ceviche.


Favourite Cheat Meal + how often do you treat yourself

Baja Fish Tacos (I usually try avoid anything fried, but this meal is one I cannot resist!) I usually treat myself to it once a month. I go to El Burro Taqueria – they have the best in Cape Town!


Best Healthy travelling tip

When I’m travelling I increase my Vitamin C intake and add Echinacea. I use the buffered Vitamin C as I feel the absorption is better. Dischem stocks the Vita-C 2000 which I always buy.


Best easy health tip

I always make sure to drink lots of water and I stay far away from any fizzy drinks/sodas!


What I do to pick myself up

If I’m feeling a little run down I have a booster drink made from Turmeric, cayenne pepper, ginger and lemon.


Best Budgeting tip

Read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I learnt everything about budgeting in that book!


Best Travelling tip

Turn your phone off and breathe!


Favourite Book

11 Minutes by Paulo Coelho


Favourite Movie

Call Me By Your Name


Favourite Tv Show

Orange is the New Black


Dream Role

Bond Girl


Quick fire with Micharn Pollock


























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