My purchase of a giant 2L motivational water bottle was prompted by an article. Titled 31 secrets to unlocking your creativity  it was point 18 that inexplicably got stuck in my mind convincing me that a getting an enormous water bottle with hourly prompts to drink would be the secret to getting things done. 

Point 18 read, “I try to drink a lot of water. Usually when I really can’t think I’m probably dehydrated. I wish I had figured out the water drinking earlier.” 

I can’t pinpoint why it made such an impression on me, but it turned into a 30-minute sermon to Feige on hydration and a Takealot deep dive to find the perfect motivational water bottle. The one that would make me drink more and thus think more clearly. 

Hydration is often the most neglected part of nutrition. We want to cut sugar, carbs and increase protein but rarely do we make a concerted effort do just drink more water. 

According to a new study, a lack of hydration is linked to a higher biological age. Drinking more water is associated with a lower risk of developing chronic diseases and a lower risk of premature death. Water literally makes you live longer.  

If that isn’t enough to convince you, other benefits on keeping yourself hydrated include:

  • Regulates body temperature: daily hydration provides your body with the fluid it needs to produce sweat, which maintains body temperature.
  • Helps organ function: from your digestive system to your eyes, kidneys, and skin – there is no part of you that doesn’t require water to function and that doesn’t benefit when you stay hydrated. 
  • Keeps joints lubricated: when hydrated, your joints are lubricated with a thick gel called synovial fluid. Without this fluid, your joints become vulnerable to harmful friction that can cause pain and over time, deterioration.
  • Improved performance: when exercising, hydration is critical to performance. Without it you get less blood flow to muscles, reduced cardiac output, less endurance and more fatigue. 
  • Energy: Men’s weight is 58% water whereas women’s is 49%. Maintaining fluid balance is essential to organ function, nutrient delivery, and blood flow. When you’re dehydrated, your body must work harder to complete vital actions resulting in less energy and blood to your brain which causes a decline in cognitive clarity and increased fatigue.

The above wasn’t something I discovered when I had my hydration epiphany. I’ve known it for a good while and yet I consistently failed to drink enough water. I tried keeping a water bottle next to me (glass, because aesthetics and sustainability) only to look at it at 5pm bewildered that it was still more than half full. I tried to track glasses in a pretty diary but would forget halfway through the day (to continue drinking and to track the water I was drinking).  

I told myself a motivational water bottle would be the trick. So, I found one, bought it and a week later began my hydration challenge. It’s been just under two months now and there have been just 2 days I didn’t finish the 2 liters of water this bottle holds. Bear in mind that it’s been winter, when you don’t often feel extreme thirst. 

So yes, a motivational water bottle does indeed make you drink more water. I don’t know if it’s the straw which makes drinking water easier somehow or the timestamps which remind you to drink water throughout the day. I know it might sound ridiculous – being motivated by a plastic water bottle with lines like “drink more”, “keep trying” and “almost there”.  Yet somehow when I look at the bottle, I will almost always look at the time and if I see I’m behind, prompting me to immediately take a sip (or three) to catch up. 

I can’t with certainty say I’ve been more creative, but I do feel better and less dehydrated. My runs have been easier and faster, my skin clearer and I no longer get into bed with a sudden sensation of extreme thirst. 

It may be a little cheesy, but there are worse things to get attached to. If a motivational water bottle that costs under R200 is going to help you drink more water, is it really ridiculous or is it just smart?

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