When we decided on wired as a theme, I immediately thought about how many wires saturate our lives and how annoying it is when they all get jumbled.


Chances are your desk is crowded by a laptop cable, a printer cable, your phone charger is muddled in there somewhere and your headphone cables are definitely bundled in a mess. Don’t ask me where my watch cable is right now, but I need to charge it in the next day, so wish me luck. And if you’re female and keep a handbag, there are most likely a few, if not all, of the above scrunched at the bottom.


In an effort to bring some law and order to my desk and handbag, I thought looking for some ways to organise your wires could be fun and useful, so, feast your eyes and definitely try option one. It works amazingly and probably won’t cost you any money.


The best way to organise your office desk wires









I found this setup on Lifehacker, using the simple and easy to acquire fold back clip. Having tons on hand, and two printer cables that I always have to fish off the floor I decided to give it a try.  The result is simple brilliant – the cables are always at the ready on the side of my printer surface, the wires easily pull through the silver bit without sticking and always land up in the same spot when I release them.


The best way to organise your small cables for travelling (or to organise your handbag)









This compact little pouch sells on Takealot for R320. The perfect place to keep all your smaller cables in one neat slot for easy access – it would make the perfect travel companion. This may or may not be on my soon to acquire handbag organisational wish list. (Will just need to find all the cables that will fill it first


The coolest way to keep your phone charger on hand







I found this genius idea on pinterest and in the hopes of testing it out, asked my mom is she could acquire me a lego man (she works in a nursery school). She came home with a giant Knock-off lego man which unfortunately did not have the classic lego man hand, so my experiment was a fail. Taking all lego man donations now 😊. Seriously though, if you have one on hand, please try this and send me a pic!


The best way to loop your cables (so it stays in place)









Mantality have two nice options for tying your cables. One with a Velcro strap (R95)and the other that resembles a cable tie (R85). I love that they’re color coordinared.


The best way to keep your headphone cables knot free









Out of all the cable knots that annoy me most, it’s got to be my headphones. To help avoid knots, I found this incredible cost effective option at the gadget shop for only R29. The only reason I didn’t purchase it is because paying for shipping on a R29 item seems a little wasteful.


If however, your headphones are always firmly attached to an ipod, mp3 player or phone and you’re extra A-type, give this you tube tutorial a watch.


What are your go-to wire organising tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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