As part of a face therapy editorial with Skinsense day spa (coming soon!) I have been introduced to pHformula.


pHformula is a Dermatological Skin Resurfacing system. Based in Barcelona Spain, the company was founded in 2010 by South African born and bred Petru van Zyl. Drawing on decades of combined experience out of their laboratory which was founded in the late 19th century by a family of pharmacists specialising in dermatology, they have developed professional and home care ranges.


The first product in their home care kit that I was given is their multitasking miracle cleanser called E.X.F.O cleanse. I was impressed with it on first use, but now two months later of using it twice a day, I can confidently say that not only am I obsessed with it, but it’s a skincare product I would recommend to everyone – males included.


What makes pHformula E.X.F.O cleanse so great?


Firstly, pHformula E.X.F.O cleanse is a gentle cleansing exfoliant which helps to effectively remove make-up and impurities and help you achieve smoother and brighter skin. It is a creamy formula which not only cleanses but multitasks on an epic level.


  • It has superior exfoliating properties
  • Gently and effectively removes make-up (including eye makeup!) and impurities
  • Can be used as a wipe-on, wipe-off makeup remover
  • Can be used as a face mask
  • Leaves skin clean and hydrated
  • Was formulated for all skin-types!


It contains specific actives, which assist in loosening rough keratinized cells. Its Key ingredients are Lactobionic acid, Rooibos extract, Vitamin B?, Urea and Papain enzyme and it’s a Paraben free preservative system.


Lactobionic acid is a film forming polyhydroxy acid which has shown to be non-irritating with strong moisturizing and water binding properties.


Rooibos Extract contains 2 particularly potent flavonoids (quercetin and luteolin) and polyphenol antioxidants which are potent free radical scavengers.


Vitamin B? is a humectant which easily penetrates into the stratum corneum. Has calming and anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent hydrating agent.


Urea is a skin conditioning agent and humectant.


Papain enzyme assists in degrading the corneodesmosomal linkages between damaged or dead cells.


One of the reasons I came to love it so much is that before I started using it I was about to change up my face routine. I had finished my cleanser and my toner, ried out natural alternatives and had also just finished my mmakeupremover too. Instead of having to replace all 3, one amazing product swooped into my life doing the work of them all, and doing a better job.


You know that feeling when you’re washing your face and cleanser gets into your eyes creating that awful burn? With pHformula E.X.F.O cleanse you don’t even get a slight tingle, even when vigorously rubbing it between each eyelash to get off mascara.  Not that you need to vigorously rub – the minute you gently swipe it over your lids, the makeup starts dissipating.


Slightly less important, but important to me is the beautiful packaging (all) their products come in. The minimalist white bottle with no fuss black print looks great as a show piece on any counter top.


The E.X.FO. cleanse comes in a 20ml travel sized tube, a 100ml tube and a refillable 250ml pump bottle. I have been using the 100ml tube for two months, twice a day and it isn’t finished yet – I suspect it will last 3 months – meaning you’d get more than half a year’s use out of the 250ml bottle.


The RRP for 100 ml is R340.50, the 250ml R660 and the 250ml refill R562.50.


pHformula are giving away one 250ml refillable bottle of E.X.FO. cleanse to one lucky reader! To enter, tell us in the comments below what feature of E.X.FO. cleanse would you be most excited about?


To buy one of your own, pHformula is stocked in Johannesburg at Pamper Perfect in Linden 011 888 5826, TUSC Medical Aesthetics Sandton City 011 884 6577, Viso Bello Grayston Shopping Centre 011 883 8046, Urban Escape Bryanston Hobart Centre 011 463 5951, Fashion Squared Dainfern Valley Shopping Centre 011 469 4953. Or contact for Pretoria, Bloemfontein, KZN and Cape stockists.


Competition Rules:

Competition closes Monday, 18 September 2017.

Valid only to residents of South Africa.

By entering you agree to our terms & conditions.

This competition is sponsored by pHformula.


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  • Alecia Alexander
    September, 18, 2017

    The cleansing exfoliant

  • laura
    September, 18, 2017

    Competition for PH Formula EXFO – Think this sounds a marvelous product to cleanse whole face and eye area as well as to mildly exfoliate in one go is brilliant. Not sure where to enter but here is my comment

    • Feige Lewin
      September, 18, 2017

      Laura you are entered 🙂 Thanks for giving through your details

  • Anthea Williams
    September, 10, 2017

    I love the fact that it hydrates the skin, cause too many facial products leaves your skin feeling dry.

  • Tanya
    September, 9, 2017

    I am excited about its superior exfoliating properties

  • Whitney Jasmin
    September, 9, 2017

    I love that this is Paragon free , knowing that this will protect my skin and not cause danger and especially the fact that this product has a wide range of uses makes it even more convenient. Winner this will be absolutely amazing for my sensitive skin

  • Janel Sunderlall
    September, 8, 2017

    I love that I could use it as a make up remover and a mask

  • Daryl
    September, 4, 2017

    Can be used as a wipe-on, wipe-off makeup remover

  • Elizabeth Ferreira
    September, 2, 2017

    Gentle, effective, and paraben free?! Sound amazing!
    I’ve een on a hunt for the perfect cleanser without much luck, sounds like this just might be it!

    • Feige Lewin
      September, 3, 2017

      I was on the hunt too and think it will be 🙂

  • Barbara Arnold
    September, 1, 2017

    The bonus with EXCO cleanse for me was finally my dryness disappeared as I continually exfoliate and let the moisture in. If you have dry skin you will love it !

  • Georgie
    September, 1, 2017

    The fact that it is not only a cleansing exfoliant, but also has many other uses, such as a face mask (hell ya), makes it a winner in my book!!

  • Janet Perry
    August, 31, 2017

    The feature I’m most excited about with the E.X.FO. cleanse is that it leaves skin clean and hydrated!! I’m battling with dry skin and most cleansers are either ineffective at cleaning my skin properly or if they do, I’m left with skin that is tight and dehydrated. Would love to try this!!

    • Feige Lewin
      September, 1, 2017

      I definitely relate to what you’re saying about most cleansers leaving your skin tight and dehydrated. I didn’t specifically touch on the feeling of your face after you wash with E.X.F.O. cleanse but it is really soothing.

  • Charmaine Gill
    August, 31, 2017

    Wow, I would love to be the winner of these products; & an advert to the difference it will make on my skin. Thank you for the opportunity to enter….

  • Charmaine Gill
    August, 31, 2017

    Wow, I would love to be the winner of these products; & an advert to the difference it makes in my skin. Thank you for the opportunity to enter….

  • Gill van Gass
    August, 31, 2017

    Love that it can be used as a mask as well! Talk about an all in one product!

  • Bongiwe Ndimande-Mbhele
    August, 31, 2017

    I am excited by the fact that it doesn’t only cleanses but multitasks so its an all in one product. I love that it leaves the skin clean and hydrated as I have a very dry skin

    • Feige Lewin
      September, 1, 2017

      It’s really time-saving and economical having an all-in-1 product!

  • Belinda Meij
    August, 31, 2017

    Most excited to hear that it won’t burn my eyes! I always manage to get some in my eyes especially when trying to get make-up off.

    • Feige Lewin
      September, 1, 2017

      You will definitely love E.X.F.O. cleanse then 🙂 I still get excited about this everytime I wash my face!