1. This is such an interesting clip explaining the popularity of Cooper Black font. Going back 100 years to how print was developed, the man behind the font and why it continues to live on and be so popular a century later. [Vox]


2. The process of getting onto a repatriation flight in the midst of Lockdown. [Business Live].


3. I do knot know when this will come in handy, but if you’ve got some rope here’s some knots to learn. [Outside Online]


4. Light relief in the form of a hypochondriacs guide to Caronavirus. “Pandemics are not for sissies. They are not easy for anyone. But, from experience, I can confirm that they are particularly difficult for hypochondriacs.” [News24]


5. How each ingredient in baking works as a science to create the perfect baked treat. [Greatist]


6. Body acceptance, positivity and neutrality. [Goop]


7. A nutritionist shares the food, drinks and supplements she took while she had Covid-19 that helped her feel better and heal. [The Chalkboard Magazine]


8. “Resilience is the ability to recover from difficult experiences and setbacks, to adapt, move forward and sometimes even experience growth.” This is what makes some people more resilient than others. [NY Times]


9. How to build a stronger memory and stop relying on your phone. [HBR]

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