1. Travel tips from the woman who holds the world record for most countries traveled to [Bloomberg].


2. The past decade in 13 slang words, some of which should be rejected heading into the 2020’s [Man Repeller].


3. For the chocolate lovers among us, a lesson in chocolate [Bon Appetit].


4.  A great breakdown of which beauty products you should not layer and which ones you should [Adore].


5. The home-phone is fast becoming a relic of time, and taking with it phrases like “I’ll get it”, “I’ll call her”, “He’s not here right now”. No longer do you have to go through someone else to get to the person you want to talk to, eavesdropping is a lot harder and multiple conversations at once much easier. This is how this change impacts family life [The Atlantic].


6. How to cope with holiday parties if you suffer from social anxiety [NPR].


7. This came in a newsletter I’m subscribed to and it’s perfect to share at this time of year. It’s a worksheet to do now or in the new year for setting goals. If 10 years is too long, set it for where you want to be at the end of 2020 instead [Lululemon].


8. The 10 best and worst food trends of the 2010’s [Food52].


9. According to new research athletes have quieter brains than the rest of us [NY Times]

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