1. “Whether kids in 25 years will be sifting through thrift shops for authentic early-‘20s nightgowns and face coverings remains to be seen, but the pictures we take now will be there in the history books, like all the things we once learned about that seemed so far away.”  A look at the biggest fashion trends of 2020 (tie-dye, sweats, house dresses) and what they mean. [Refinery29]


2. What Namaste really means and how it flew away from us. [NPR]


3. Some good tips on how to be a mindful hotel guest during a pandemic, for those planning on taking a little break. [CN Traveler]


4. Now that we’re spending more time indoors, indoor pollution is becoming something you need to consider. Here’s why and how to cook and clean in a way that doesn’t increase your indoor pollution. [BBC]


5. The simple technique that’ll take your stir-fry’s to the next level. [Bon Appetit]


6. 4 ways to eliminate expensive rubbish.[22Seven]


7. On Family Secrets and How We Deliver Bad News, by Rachel Beanland who’s written a novel based on her family’s propensity to hide bad news that has made it’s way onto my to read list. [Lit Hub]


8. Tips to pay less Tax and if you haven’t submitted your tax returns, we love TaxTim, no really – it’s a breeze. Here’s why. [TaxTim]


9. “For all the times that I thought I had to hide a part of it while presenting myself to the world, I am now letting my face do whatever.” How the pandemic has made this writer more accepting and kinder to her face. [Shondaland]

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