1. “Base your choices on what you want to add into your life, not what you want to cut out of it.” Some really good advice on eating to boost your immune system – long term, not with sporadic ginger shots. [GQ]


2. “Humans have a long history of treating the world as our stage and other creatures as our props. ” A long but interesting article on How Humanity Unleashed a Flood of New Diseases that reads like a Chapter from Sapiens. [New York Times]


3. Has lock-down taught you something about your partner you never knew before? How about learning after 5 years, she can in fact cook – and do it well. [The Cut]


4. Tips on keeping berries fresh for longer. I tend to either freeze them or turn them into jams, but this is great for when you want berries fresh. [Food52]


5. The key to athletic success is all in the eyes. The quiet eye. [BBC]


6. What happens to all the unhugged hugs? [The New Yorker]


7. If you’ve read Born to Run, you’ll be familiar with the Tarahumara Runners. Anthropologists have taken a closer look at their ultra running abilities and their culture. [Outside Online]


8. If you’re Joburg based and looking for new restaurants to try Minky put together a list of her favorite eateries doing deliveries. [Minkys]


9. 5 tips for living with less  from the maker of our favorite daily planner[Alexa Lily]

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