The Reebok Nano X4 training shoes are the latest model in the popular Nano series. Unsurprising given that it is Reebok, these shoes are favoured by crossfit enthusiasts. That could also be because they’re built as a hybrid training shoe. They are lightweight, breathable and have no added material or components which allows you to transition from a HIIT workout, to weight training,  to sprints, to all-day wear in comfort. 

I knew I liked the look of them as soon as I opened the box. They’re sleek and classic. The colorway I got – white with strips of neon orange – is right up my alley. There is nothing I like more in a fitness shoe than pops of colour. 

To see if I would like them as much after using them, I’ve worn them exclusively for a month now. I’ve put them through the test at the gym during weight sessions, HIIT sessions, treadmill sprints and have also taken them on the road for walks. I’ve also spent entire days in them to find out if they really are comfortable enough to go from training to wearing all-day. 


Soft and Lightweight

The Reebok Nano X4 is one of the lightest iterations of the Nano. This is thanks to the new FLEXWEAVE Knit Upper which gives them softness without sacrificing durability. Their total weight is just 343 grams making them light. I prefer lighter, less cushioned and non-bulky training shoes and the Nano X4 don’t just look light, they feel light when wearing them.



You don’t think about the breathability of a fitness shoe until you buy one that has no breathability. When missing from a shoe, it makes your feet feel claustrophobic, excessively sweaty and worst of all, holds on to odours. Breathability is now one of the first things I look for. The midfoot ventilation panel in the Reebok Nano X4 makes them the most breathable Nano yet, so you never feel like your feet are overheating, even on the hottest days.


Minimal Look

Reebok removed all unnecessary materials from the Nano X4, keeping them as minimal as possible. This is in stark contrast to the current trend of maximalist training shoes and a breath of relief for those who want classic, minimal training shoes with no weird material, shapes and gimmicks – just the features that make a difference. 



They’re designed as a hybrid of weightlifting shoes and running shoes. What makes you able to comfortably go from weight training to HIIT workouts is their Lift and Run (L.A.R) Chassis System. This innovative midsole technology was built for added stability when lifting and cushioning for running and jumping. This is especially important if you do workouts that combine both strength and HIIT. As most of my workouts combine the two, I’ve been able to test their versatility and they have been comfortable throughout all workouts.



When it comes to a training shoe, I prefer a flatter sole – I want to feel the ground, not feel as if I’m floating above it. The Nano X4 features a flatter sole (a 7mm drop) for better ground contact but has a slightly raised heel to give you more stability for weightlifting.


Best for Gym

The Nano X4 is great for all gym workouts; weight training, weight lifting or HIIT sessions. Like many other reviews I have read, I would also agree that these aren’t a shoe I would take on a road run, but for treadmill sprints they work well. I’ve found them great for all day-wear – especially on days you plan on spending a lot of time walking.



This may be a me problem, but I’ve noticed a shift in shoe sizes, which makes finding your perfect fit harder. My old size was a UK 5 – but this used to convert into a US 7 and a EUR 37. A UK 5 now converts into a EUR 38 and in the case of the Reebok shoe, a US 7.5 – and you’ll notice that this conversion often differs between brands. I got a UK5 which does  fit, but is roomier than I’d like. In future, I would size down going for a UK 4 which would work out to be US 6 or EUR 37. If you’re not sure of your size, I would recommend trying them on in person before purchasing to make sure you get your perfect fit, especially as they are a pricey shoe.



The Nano X4 is a pricier training shoe, retailing for R2799. This means they are an investment shoe. All the reviews I’ve found on the Nano series speak to their quality and how long they last, so you can expect to get use out of these for years. They are available here  in 3 colorways for women and 5 colorways for men. These are the ones I’ve been wearing. 

The Outfit


1 | Reebok Lux HR Leggings in Black | These are a high rise legging, making them super comfortable around your tummy and giving you good coverage. They’re made from a thicker material (snap and bend proof), making them better for lower intensity workouts (and I can see myself living in them come winter). They have a side pocket on the left hip which is deep enough to slip a phone in. They’re my favourite leggings for ice-skating thanks to that pocket and the thickness. Available here.

2 | ID Train Big Logo | This bra is incredibly supportive without feeling restrictive. It is double layered and padded (I removed the padding). It also has RBK-DRY technology which meant that it held up without getting soaked after a sprint session. Available here

We received the Reebok Nano X4 and gear to review. We only share items we have tried, thoroughly tested and feel are worth you spending your money on. Review is our own and has not been previewed or altered by Reebok.

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