Recently we tried out brow lamination at Uniq Brows (you can read more about that here) and while there we purchased their Soap Brows product to try. Soap Brows by Uniq brows is an activated charcoal soap that is designed to keep your brows in place and help create a fluffy full look. It is a technique made popular in recent years on social media and although I’ve always admired the look, I hadn’t tried it out before.


Although I’m sure you can use any bar of soap for the technique the advantage of using one designed for this purpose is that it leaves no soapy residue. The method of application, which I have picked up by watching  the insanely talented makeup artist Nikki Woolff on Instagram, is as follows:


  1. Wet your soap brows product by spraying the surface of it with a setting spray. I use a few sprays of Mac’s Fix Plus setting spray.
  2. Rub an eyebrow spooley along the soap’s surface and brush it through your brow hairs in an upwards direction.
  3. Gently press the brow hairs flat to your face to help them set.
  4. If you have sparse areas that you would like to fill in, Dip a small angled brush (like this one) into your choice of brow filling product, be it a shadow, gel or cream. I’ve been using the Elf Brow kit (wax side) for years, it’s inexpensive, lasts forever and I love it).
  5. Gently draw hair like strokes in between your brow hairs in the areas that need extra definition.
  6. If you went to heavy on your strokes, lightly brush through the brows again with your spooley and it will mute them.
  7. The result is a brushed up brow where every hair is maximised.


Uniq brows Soap Brows Review


Uniq Brows Soap Brows works very well. Contrary to the color of the black soap, the application is colorless and it instantly sets your brow hairs in place and makes the most of the brow hairs you do have (mine are thin and this made them look a lot better). Although it feels sticky once applied, that feeling quickly goes away. It makes it quite easy to see where gaps in your brows are and instead of needing to fill in an entire brow it makes it very easy to apply minimal brow filling product, which results in a very natural looking fuller brow.


My only criticism of Uniq Brows Soap Brows is the tub it comes in. Being so tiny and round, it is difficult to disperse the soap even in the spooley. I had to bend mine to an angle just to get it to go inside the tub, it would make much more sense if it was packaged in a larger and rectangular tub.


If you want to give it a try, Uniq Brows Soap Brows is available here.

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