December is when summer officially begins. Businesses start shutting down and holiday makers migrate to the coast. Whether you’re going away or having a staycation – maintaining your normal fitness routine amongst parties, downtime and festive meals can be tough. To lift some of the pressure, we asked some top fitness instructors to share their best ways to incorporate fitness into the festive season. The underlying theme? Take a break from routine, try something new and embrace your natural surroundings.


“Do something Different” – Tegan Burger, Yoga Teacher

 How to Stay Fit During the Festive Season - Tegan Burger


Do what you can on holiday that fits in with where you are and what you have time for. For example, if you’re in nature go for hikes, walks or even trail running. Don’t depend on a gym during the holiday, let this be a break from your regular space and do something different. This holiday I will be walking, doing yoga outdoors and maybe a run. Change it up, see what’s available, but more importantly, enjoy your holiday.

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“Get out of Your Comfort Zone” Dave Gardner, Budokon Mixed Movement Artist

 How to Stay Fit During the Festive Season - Dave Gardner


“Over the holiday season have fun, get outside, run, climb, swim, jump, do handstands whenever you can, you’ve been working and training the whole year now get outside and explore and express your body while on holiday. Do fun activities like kayaking, hiking, diving or snorkelling, surfing, handstand walking, rock climbing. Do things that get you out of your comfort zone and you may find yourself a new hobby for the new year!”

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“Everything in Moderation” – Sarah Hall, Fitness Bikini Diva and Sherriff Training System coach

 How to Stay Fit During the Festive Season - Sarah Hall


“Everything in moderation, including moderation! We spend our months during the year sticking to routine, disciplining ourselves to achieve the goals we have set.  Regardless of where you find yourself at with regards to your goals at the end of the year, make sure that you allow yourself a break from routine to do something different.  Continuing to deprive yourself over the holidays will make you miserable. Instead, take a break from gym and get outdoors, try new flavours and keep your portion sizes in check, rather than having one large cheat, have small tastes of what you have missed out on for so long.  Keep control. This will allow you to come into the new year with a strong and fresh mind-set”.

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“Mix Things Up”, Mia Kempen, Personal Trainer

 How to Stay Fit During the Festive Season - Mia Kempen


Keep moving and do keep training during the holidays. Yes, it’s the silly season and you will probably not stick to a strict eating plan, which is okay, but as long as you train every day you will be more motivated to stay on track with your eating. Generally you won’t feel like stuffing your face with pizza after a good hard work out. It’s also a great time to mix things up. Do something different – try running, cycling, hiking, beach workouts, swimming or canoeing – your body will love the change. If you are going to a small beach town – have a look at their holiday program. They often have running or cycling events! I will be teaching outdoor workouts in Struisbaai during the summer, come and join me!

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“Embrace Your Surroundings” – Michaela Mallet, Sports and Fitness Instructor

 How to Stay Fit During the Festive Season - Michaela Mallet


The world is your oyster. Embrace your surroundings, whether you’re at the beach in the Mother City or visiting the beautiful Drakensberg. Plan fun outdoor activities where everyone gets involved and head outside to get your workouts done. Go for a swim in the ocean, snorkel, cycle the promenade, hike up a mountain or enjoy a horse riding adventure. The options are endless; don’t limit yourself to trying to find a local gym. Keep your workouts interesting.  Remember that health and fitness is a lifestyle and should be practiced no matter where you might be.”

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“Make exercise part of your holiday” Raeesa Solwa Mehtar, Biokineticist 

 How to Stay Fit During the Festive Season - raaesa solwar mahter


Travelling can easily interfere with your workout routine. No time, no equipment, no gym gear and you are on holiday – you will get back on track when its’ over right? My number 1 tip is to make exercise part of your holiday.
Whether you are on a beach or touring holiday, embrace your surroundings. Explore the city on foot or bicycle (best way to get a feel for the place). Take a hike, head to the water for your workout, try something new (stand up paddle boarding, surfing, windsurfing) or use your own body weight for quick workouts (your body is your own gym after all). You may even wake up muscles that you never knew you had!

Just remember that health and fitness is a lifestyle practice no matter where you may be.

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“Little Moves Matter” – Jono Miller, Personal Trainer and Online STS coach

 How to Stay Fit During the Festive Season - Jono Miller



“Stay active, get out the house.  Plan outdoor activities with the whole family. If you can’t maintain your fitness routine, simply walk more, park further away from your destination and take the stairs.”

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