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So now it’s 1 week to go until the big day… This is what my training week looks like after a shocking weekend of food poisoning and a 202km cycle in 35’ heat!


REST, and by rest I mean literally spend the day in bed. Still haven’t eaten anything since early Saturday morning and well, a girl that doesn’t eat is a VERY cranky girl.


Feel weak… the light is fading… but seriously, I do work as a physiotherapist which means a remotely strenuous job. That partnered with zero caloric intake, made it a long day of standing and exercise. The silver lining here is that I do stay active throughout the day and often do quite a few stretches to show others.


Almost a real person again – tummy is fed and legs are stretched. A small wade around the pool was the most I could muster though.


Tarryn Tries Tri: A Triathlon Training Journal

Back on the bike and having some fun! Sometimes you just need to remember why you are doing what you are doing. After a bad run/ride/race, I find I really lack the motivation to get out there again. So my trick is to generally fall back to my favourite activity to get some bounce back in my step. Some exhilarating downhill mountain biking ALWAYS does the trick. Plus it’s a great excuse for a delicious Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie as some post workout nutrition 😀

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Tarryn Tries Tri: A Triathlon Training Journal

Relaxed Sunrise rides to start a great weekend – what more can I say.


One of the reasons I love Cape Town so much is that we have the most amazing scenery. So when my routine is getting a bit old, it’s not that hard to shake it up. I managed to get away for the weekend and after a long day of lazing around on the beach, a beach run is a great way to get the legs moving. Barefoot on the sand is a MAJOR calf workout and as I am not a minimalist runner (I run more like an elephant and minimalists runners need to be light on their feet) it was quite a shortish run that felt like I had run a marathon.


First Wetsuit swim, and starting to think that this coming week, I am going to have to practice getting in and out of it. That or I may have to do the whole of jailbreak in a wetsuit – that thing is tight!

Aim for the week: Shorten transition time. This is the crucial minutes that are lost changing from a wetsuit to cycling shoes and then to running shoes. I definitely need to practice taking my wetsuit off so that I don’t end up with my bum on the floor, legs in a knot and grunting to get it off. You laugh – but that’s how I usually take wetsuits off.

Come out to Slanghoek this weekend and see if I have mastered the wetsuit removing art yet 🙂 It’s sure to be a STUNNER!

Tarryn Tries Tri: A Triathlon Training Journal

The Jailbreak Triathlon is on Saturday the 10th of December (2016) at Breeland Cellar. There are two race options on offer:

Min Escape (Tarryn’s Pick): 1,3km Swim, 842km Road Bike, 9kmTrail Run.

Max Escape: 1,3km Swim, 84km Road Bike, 16kmTrail Run.

Visit Iqela Events for more info

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