Most of us live our lives waiting for the right alignment. For this is what life is: a waiting room. But feel for the dead, who take what they’ve waited for to the underworld and continue waiting to come back to earth to be made to live again and wait some more. So, better one hour spent doing things we’ll regret having done than a lifetime waiting for heaven to touch our lives.

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In a nutshell


When a group of college friends find themselves on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, they make themselves at home at the luxurious hotel they’re “stuck” in. They can’t help but notice a mysterious fellow guest whose behaviour differs from everyone else around. When they invite him for lunch one day, they can’t begin to imagine the miraculous abilities, strange wisdom and life-changing stories that lie ahead.

Book Club Notes


My last few reads have been particularly chunky, so consuming this small book felt extra refreshing.

This is a lovely little read which is so different to anything else I’ve read. It’s conversational, philosophical and mystical in such a light and breezy way. The last time I read a book that I would classify as conversational and philosophical was Stella Maris, but that was hard and heavy to read and I didn’t exactly rate it favourably.

It is well written and paints a vivid picture of the location and emotion. You get a deep sense of what kind of person each character is, and what it feels like to be around them, but never  a visual read on what they look like. Despite a slow buildup and unexpected twist, this book doesn’t follow the typical formula you find in a book. If you’re looking for a surprising and different read, this is it.

Read If


You love mystical thinking and believe there’s more to this world than meets the eye.

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Storyline – 7 /10
Writing – 7/10
Character Development – 9/10
Plot Twist – 9/10
Shareability – 8/10
8.0Overall Score

The Nitty Gritty


Published by: Faber & Faber, distributed by Jonathon Ball 

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Philosophical

ISBN: 978-0-571-38511-9

Pages: 169

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A note on our book ratings

Storyline: How good is the storyline? Is it believable and complex or does it make you shake your head in its ridiculousness?

Writing: How well written is the book? Do you find yourself wowed by the writing or unimpressed?

Character Development: Do the characters evolve and grow through the book and are they multi-dimensional?

Plot Twist: Were you able to predict the end, or did the author give you some surprises along the way to keep you on your toes?

Shareability: How likely are you to share the book?

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