Looking for a new fitness class or seen one and not sure if it’s worth it? In this Peruse Before You Move feature we try and review Movement Empire – an online bodyweight workout program.


About Movement Empire

The Movement Empire is an online bodyweight workout experience. They offer 3 different programs, which offer between 3-4 online pre-recorded workouts per week hosted by their team of trainers, along with articles and expert advice to support your fitness journey. 

Peruse Before You Move: The Movement Empire The beginner program is a 6 week foundation programme to get your fitness back on track and consists of 3 pre-recorded classes a week.

The intermediate program gives you 3 pre-recorded bodyweight classes a week, perfect for those who train regularly but are still learning. 

The advanced program is a 4 times a week body-weight training program suited for those who have been training for a while and want to push themselves. 


How The Movement Empire Works

Once you sign up (there’s a free one week trial but you do need to give card details to access it) you select what program you want and the days you want to train on. You are able to switch days or even level and you also have the option to fast forward and do the next day’s training earlier. If you miss a workout it remains in your queue until you come back and do it.

Each class is pre-recorded and led by a trainer who “trains” a partner (which is one of the other trainers) who does the moves as the trainer talks you through them. 



R160 /month paid annually or R199/month paid monthly. This gives you access to any of the workout programs. 


What You Need

Internet – all classes are online so you need internet access that handles videos. You can use a mobile device or laptop to access classes. 

It’s all body weight, so all you really need is some space to workout in and comfortable workout clothing. However, preferably you should have a mat which makes things more comfortable and many classes also use a chair or bench (one that can handle jumping onto it).

My Experience

Toying between doing the intermediate and advanced program, I ultimately went for the intermediate program simply because my preferred training schedule follows 3 days weight training, 3 days running and 1 rest day per week. Wanting to stick to that and not being able to commit to a double workout a day, the intermediate made most sense.

The classes varied from 37 – 60 minutes, but all followed the same pattern: a warmup repeated twice, a “workout section” which consisted of 2-3 sets of various moves, followed by a cool down. Each class had a different trainer and training partner and all had a very upbeat, ra ra motivational style of training. Like with anything, I preferred some trainers to others, but overall they were all good. Coming from a solid base of weight training, I found most workouts easy to follow along, with some being more high intensity than others. I was impressed with the platform and how well it worked, but wished that there were more workout options – not only bodyweight but also yoga or recovery style classes you could choose from and potentially add to your pre-scheduled classes. Workouts aren’t chosen by you, rather a new workout pops up on your pre-selected workout days according to the plan you’re on. 


Best for…

The Movement Empire
is very well suited to beginners, as it’s body weight only which is a great way to start and master moves. However, once you have that mastered, you need to add weights to see improvements and for variety. That being said, in the current times, it makes for a really solid at home workout for those who are not comfortable going to gym but want a class feel and a little push to workout. The way the classes are filmed, gives it a fitness class vibe and having someone else give you a schedule makes it easier to just show up without thinking. It’s also perfect for those who have lost fitness and want to get it back, before joining a gym or doing a harder program. It gives you a really good workout in the comfort of your home without having to lay out money on equipment, making it the ideal fitness solution for a pandemic and great value for money. 

For more information and to sign up to Movement Empire click here


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