Burberry was a committed health enthusiast who not only promoted temperance, the belief that eschewing alcohol was beneficial to society, but was one of a number of nineteenth-century dress reformers who insisted that comfortable clothing was integral to a healthy constitution.

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In a nutshell


The Story of The Burberry Trench is a historical picture book account of how the trench coat came to be. It chronicles the history of Burberry as a brand, showcases how the design and advertorials have been adapted since 1912 and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the craftsmanship and how to authenticate a genuine Burberry.

Book Club Notes


I loved this book! I thought it would be more like a coffee table book filled with a catalogue of trench coats I want to buy. It was that, but more. The history of both the trench coat as an item and Burberry as a brand was fascinating to me.

I have loved fashion since I was little. Growing up, I would fashion outfits for my barbie dolls with scraps of fabric and pins. Before the internet and pinterest was a thing, the way I grew up curating fashion looks was tearing out ads from magazines and putting them in flip files. I don’t have these files anymore but I distinctly remember a Burberry trench being in there.

A trench coat is such a timeless wardrobe classic and The Burberry trench is the ultimate in style, quality and status as I’ve learned from this book. A good trench coat is always something I’ve wanted to add to my wardrobe but because I’ve never been one to be brand obsessive or dream of having any designer items, I would be happy to get it from anywhere. Not anymore… This book made me want to invest in a Burberry trench coat. Sadly for me that would require roughly R50K, so it won’t be anytime soon.

Read If


You love fashion and history.

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Readability – 10 /10
Writing – 7/10
Likeability – 10/10
Purpose – 7/10
Shareability – 8/10
8.0Overall Score

The Nitty Gritty


Published by: Oh, an imprint of Welbeck Non-fiction, distributed by Jonathon Ball

Genre: Non-Fiction, History, Fashion

ISBN: 9781838612306

Pages: 155

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