1. In 2015 the Daily Maverick named the Refugee as their person of the year stating that refugees – who have been flooding across the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa and the northern rim of the Middle East – are in the process of changing our society. Time went with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel who was praised for her efforts in aiding refugees and encouraging other nations to do so. This year, at the current Olympics Games in Rio, for the very first time in history a team of 10 refugees made up their own team. The IOC selected 10 athletes, 6 men and 4 women who all fled conflicts in their home countries. This is their story [The New Yorker]
  2. The greatest fitness tips EVER [Outside Online]
  3. The power of ONE focused hour a day and apparently calendars are better than to-do lists – you agree? [Medium]
  4. Race walking is a sport, an Olympic sport and it’s not just people walking. It’s highly technical with more rules than running. This is everything you need to know about it. [Vox] I’m waiting to watch the South African race walking team Marc Mundell (50km), Lebogang Shange (20km), Anel Oosthuizen (20km) and Wayne Snyman compete this week Friday and next Friday.
  5. Do you ever actually read the terms and conditions before downloading an app? Especially apps which you have to input personal and private data? With the boom in period tracker apps, privacy campaigners believe users need to be wary of what data you’re sharing. One company that’s been open and transparent about their use of user’s data is Clue which uses anonymised user data to collaborate with medical researchers in Oxford University to further women’s health. [BBC] I’ve said it before here; but if you’re looking for a period tracking app Clue is the one you should get – it’s user friendly, educational and data is used to help women.
  6. Whatever you think you know about Zola Budd forget. This is the Story of Zola Budd – more than a fall [Runner’s World]
  7. How to DIY your own running training program using the “FIT” principle [Trainer Hinton]
  8. 5 Ways to make a better bowl of oatmeal in the microwave [The Kitchn]. I love adding an egg to oats to make them super creamy and give them an added protein boost.
  9. Dr Ross Tucker is betting on Caster Semenya winning the 800m (rounds start next Wednesday) and he thinks she could and should break the 800m world record. Caster Semenya won gold in the World Champions in Berlin in 2009. A win that unleashed public drama surrounding testosterone levels and gender verification. In this lengthy and very fascinating interview with Joanna Harper, Dr Ross Tucker explores Hyperandrogenism and women vs women vs men in sport. This is a very suggested read to anyone interested in athletics, specifically issues currently facing women in athletics. [Sport Scientist]
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