1. As a pet custody consultant, Karis Nafte has written up advice for going through a divorce with pets and how to choose who keeps the pets. You’ll remember her from this article where she showed us how to teach your dogs tricks at home. [Medium]


2. For those dealing with depression, dealing with lockdown, covid-19 and its many implications may make things that much more difficult. Humorist John Moe has dealt with clinical depression that’s triggered by stress for much of his life. He uses humour as a coping mechanism, which he shares o his podcast The Hilarious World of Depression. In this interview he talks about depression, how he’s managing it now and using humor as a tool. You can listen to the entire thing or read the highlights. [NPR]


3. If you’re confused about lockdown levels and what is and is not allowed in each level, this website is what you want to check out. It’s broken down activities, services and goods by what’s allowed in each level and also allows you to choose your province, for more local considerations. If you click on any main category circle, a little box appears which tells you what is and isn’t allowed in that category per stage. For example: With Beauty, in stage 4 you can buy beauty products (excluding luxury items) but cannot visit beauty salons / beauticians until level 1. [Lockdown Bozza]


4. How to turn all those autumn leaves falling off the trees into rich carbon material you can use. [Yolo Colours]


5. 7 don’ts for your money right now. [Business Live]


6.  10 recipes using bananas that are not banana bread. [The Kitchn]


7. Is foodie culture as we know it over? Culinary experts are adapting to show that food can be more accessible, less fussy and do what you can with what you have.  Fancy ingredients have fallen, making way for the simple and showing that anyone can make good food with basic ingredients. [The Atlantic]


8. Skin hunger, the consequence of not being able to touch each other.  [Refinery29]


9. Lessons on ear cleaning from an ENT. [Well+ Good]

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