Born 2 Run Athletics Club is the not so new kid on the block anymore. Three years on, Born2Run gets stronger by the day. With clubs across the country and a crop of athletes placing consistently at races in both the road and trail running scene; You can’t not want some of their purple magic to rub off on you.

Belinda Waghorn’s Tips for Running Two Oceans Marathon

Although the expo has loads of lovely goodies, do not be tempted to buy and try anything new.


Yolande Maclean’s Tips for Running Two Oceans Marathon

  1. Don’t cut your toenails less than 3 days before Two Oceans.
  2.  Don’t change your diet at all in the last week leading up to the race.
  3. Don’t do any hills or speed work in the last week leading up to the day.

Julanie Basson’s Tips for Running Two Oceans Marathon

  1. Don’t eat anything funny/unusual 2 days before! Stick to your normal diet (even though you’re in Cape Town and feels like you’re on holiday).
  2. Buy your race day gels and drinks before you travel to Cape Town. You may not find what you usually use there.
  3. Hydrate well! (And not on wine ??)

Heather Walden’s Tips for Running Two Oceans Marathon

  1. Get to expo as early as you can – Thursday if possible. If you have to go the day before, get in and out as fast you can.
  2. The day before, spend as little time as possible on your feet. If you are nervous, go watch a movie or read a great book to keep your mind occupied.
  3. Get to the start with lots of time to spare. If you are like me and need the loo beforehand, rather stop at a garage on your drive in. Queueing at the portaloos can be very stressful!
  4. On the run, thank the marshals. If there aren’t marshals (like at Comrades), smile and thank supporters. Saying thank you makes you smile and it is a distraction for you. Also it’s very encouraging when the marshals and supporters respond. The goal is to keep your face relaxed and your mind positive
  5. If it’s a hot day, pour water from water sachets on your wrists and neck.
  6. Have a fueling plan and try very hard to stick to it. Lower blood sugar levels are awful and can ruin your race.
  7. And remember, it’s going to be 12 months (most likely) till you run in this area again. Enjoy the scenery, the sea, the other runners and the atmosphere


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