1. After years of being go-go-go 24/7, lock-down or The Great Pause as I’ll now be referring to 2020, has left our diaries empty, plans on hold and us bored. Boredom isn’t all bad as this essay explores, in fact it has its many benefits, many of which have made us take stock of our lives. “For as much as the stagnancy of the pandemic has been boring, it has allowed us to reflect upon the lives we were leading – and the lives that we might want to live, on the other side.” [Grazia]


2. A chronotype is the label for people’s innate biological rhythms—whether they naturally go to sleep early and wake up early (a lark) or go to sleep late and wake up late (owls). Knowing your chronotype can help you manage your day more effectively by scheduling tasks according to your energy levels. Here’s how to work out your type + what tasks to do when. [Goop]


3. Ryan Sandes breaks down how to train for a PFKT (Personal Fastest Known Time) and why now’s the time do it. [Trail Magazine]


4. The Baby Sitter’s Club books by Ann. M Martin were one of my favorites growing up, the books I used to seek out at the Library. The book series has gotten a 2020 makeover in the form of a new Netflix series. Director, Lucia Aniello chats about remaking it into a TV series that still captures the nostalgic power of the books while at the same time modernizing them. [Harpers Bazaar]


5. A nutritionist’s take on gut health and how antibiotics, diet and sanitizers alter the health of your microbiome. If you’re confused as to what a microbiome is, read this explanation. [Moxie Health]


6. The psychology of to-do lists and how they can help make you feel less anxious. [CNN]


7. How to make  grain bowl with whatever is in your fridge. [Food52]


8.How to claim tax deductions for working from home. [22Seven]


9. What scientists are learning about how long Covid-19 immunity lasts with explanations on herd immunity, antibody testing and vaccines. [Vox]


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