The travel essentials we always take on long-haul flights 

Travel is back and we’re sharing our long-haul travel essentials, aka the things that we always have on hand when flying to make the trip that more comfortable. 

Chewing gum

If you have sensitive ears that tend to get blocked during takeoff and landing, you don’t want to forget your gum. It’s the only thing that helps relieve sore ears. I start chewing as soon as I sit down and don’t stop until the seatbelt signs come off.  If you’re doing a long road trip, gum can also help lessen any ear pain you may get when driving down long and quiet stretches of road.


If you’re prone to motion sickness or have a sensitive stomach when flying, pretzels are one of the best snacks you can bring with you. Pick unflavored or lightly salted ones for the perfect neutral snack and stomach settler. 

Mint Tea

Another essential for those with sensitive stomachs is mint tea. It’s great for dealing with inflight bloating and that icky feeling planes leave on your stomach. Skip the coffee (it’s gross anyway) and ask for a cup of hot water, add your tea and you’ll have a deliciously soothing beverage. 

Anti-nausea Pills 

Sensing a theme? I’m prone to motion sickness and very sensitive to turbulence and the best thing I’ve found to prevent that, is over the counter anti-nausea medication like Valoid. It also allows you to read without feeling nauseous which is an added bonus.  

Nuun hydration tablets 

Long-haul flights can be dehydrating and it’s sometimes hard to drink enough water. These tablets have electrolytes which aid with hydration plus added vitamins. Add a tab to a cup or bottle of water, let it dissolve and drink up. If you need caffeine, choose ones with added caffeine for a little boost. 


If you know me, you know I don’t travel without snacks and at least one proper meal for a long-haul flight. Pick things that won’t get smashed easily, keep well and make you feel good – especially if you’re doing a long layover and don’t know if you’ll be able to find something to eat. I stick to snack bars, nuts and dried fruit. When it comes to bringing a meal on a plane, choose something with a neutral smell that will keep. A simple roasted veggie and bulgur wheat salad with lots of fresh herbs is my favorite traveling meal, followed by a cheese and roasted veggie sandwich.

Warm jersey or sweatshirt 

Planes are cold, especially at night and the light blanket you receive is not thick enough to keep you warm. A big cozy jersey or sweatshirt you can easily take off or remove is a must. Better, bring a jersey that can double as a blanket. 


If you cannot sit on a plane for hours in shoes, you need a pair of thick and cozy socks to keep your feet warm and cozy (because not all airlines still give out plane socks). I’ve started bringing “plane shoes” in my carryon which is just a sandal or mule you can easily slip on with socks to go to the bathroom. 

Headphones with a long cable

Airplane headphones are rarely comfortable, especially the earbud ones. A pair of headphones (preferably noise canceling) with an aux-cable allows you to watch movies comfortably. 

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