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T minus 5 weeks.


I just took the plunge and entered Jailbreak, my first actual triathlon. I will be doing the short option just to ensure that I don’t ruin my festive season by killing myself before its starts.

That being said, a 1.3km swim, then a 42km Road Bike followed by a 9km trail run are not to be sneezed at. As I pressed that enter button felt a renewed ache in my legs, but I did do a mountain bike race on the weekend so they are generally in a state of ache 24/7.

Initial Triathlon Training Plan

Step 1: Find all the necessary equipment for a triathlon

Bike Equipment – Check.

Swimming Stuff – Who knows where that is.

Running Shoes – Haven’t seen them in months.

Tom Tom Multi Sports Watch – YES! And so glad to start using functions other than cycle 🙂

Step 2 – Remember how to use it all again

At least I am Half way there. Looks like not only is this tri giving me an excuse change up my exercise routine but possibly triggering a much needed spring clean at home!


Tarryn Tries Tri: A Triathlon Training Journal

Still no running shoes, but in the search I found my swimming goggles under a thick film of dust at the back of my shoe cupboard. The struggle is real.

The search continues.





Tarryn Tries Tri: A Triathlon Training Journal

Run time!

Yes, the elusive shoes have been located and have not been eaten by moths much to my surprise. Time to see if I still remember how to run. Because it has been a while, I think a small flattish 4km trot around the neighbourhood with the dogs should do the trick. I’m going to ease myself in so to speak.

Evening Update: running is hard, the sun is warm and I am sure I have a blister. I LOVE IT!


The best part about swim training is that it’s almost a recovery day for your legs… My arms on the other hand have staged a coup and are applying for immigration to Canada.

This just goes to show how unfit my upper body has become, cycling strengthens the legs to no end but my arms are, shall we say, a little girly for swimming…

Here are a few stretches that help me out of my stiffness.

Tarryn Tries Tri: A Triathlon Training Journal

Recreational swimmers tend to overstretch the capsule of their shoulder (think asking your friend to hold your hands behind your back or stretching a straight arm against the wall) but need to focus more on the muscles than the ligaments.


Rest Day, I think I deserve a braai and a glass of wine for all my hard work. Although, with the puppy dog eyes I am getting from my staffie as I write this, something tells me I will be running on the road later tonight.

Top fitness tip: If you have a dog that needs to be run/walked, you will always have motivation to get outside 🙂

The Jailbreak Triathlon is on Saturday the 10th of December (2016) at Breeland Cellar. There are two race options on offer:

Min Escape (Tarryn’s Pick): 1,3km Swim, 842km Road Bike, 9kmTrail Run.

Max Escape: 1,3km Swim, 84km Road Bike, 16kmTrail Run.

Visit Iqela Events for more info and online entries (entries are still open!)

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