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T minus 2 weeks to JAILBREAK!


So, my loan bicycle has just been taken away from me. PANIC!!

I am moving my office to a new office and it’s not ready yet. PANIC!!

So what do we do when we need to relax and just breathe – SWIM time.

I love the water, everything is dulled down and you have plenty of time to just shut the world out. I tend to swim with an MP3 Player, so that I don’t get too bored. I just need to remember to not sing too much because then I tend to swallow some water 🙂



Luckily my amazing bicycle shop made miracles happen and now I have the most beautiful precious bike. I obviously have massive new toy love.

Enough toy love to drag me out of bed at 5am for a cycle. (Side note: I am taking part in the Coronation Double Century 202km cycle race this weekend so the bicycle really needed some Tarryn time.)

Tarryn Tries Tri: A Triathlon Training Journal

Isn’t she pretty!


Tarryn Tries Tri: A Triathlon Training Journal

Crazy work days do not bode well for exercise, especially when you have races coming up :(.

Luckily these eyes staring up at me made me drag myself off the couch and go for a little trot – thank heavens for my puppy motivation.


REST DAY – I needed it!


Last minute tweak ride on the new baby (+/-40km) before heading off to Swellendam for the big race.

3 hour drive, and a dinner of some not so kosher pasta and I was in bed and ready for an early morning start and a great race, or so I thought.

Race Tip: If you think the pasta is dodgy, don’t eat it. You will regret it later.


Woke up with a not so great tummy, which became quite apparent at about 90km’s into the race. Our team strategy was to be the first ladies team across the line with all 12 girls, so giving up was not an option.

Some call it resilient, some call it stubborn. I like to call it stupidity but I’ll be darned if I was going to let the girls down. We made it over the line with all 12 girls in a respectable time of 6:29. Let’s just say I broke every rule of nutrition that I could think of and eating only 2 baby potatoes on a 200km cycle is NOT recommended, ever.

Tarryn Tries Tri: A Triathlon Training Journal

Aim for this week: Feel better and get back on the horse once the legs are rested (200km is a long way apparently). Also, probably need to spend more time in the water and on the run. Just because I am okay on the bicycle doesn’t mean I can relax!!

The Jailbreak Triathlon is on Saturday the 10th of December (2016) at Breeland Cellar. There are two race options on offer:

Min Escape (Tarryn’s Pick): 1,3km Swim, 842km Road Bike, 9kmTrail Run.

Max Escape: 1,3km Swim, 84km Road Bike, 16kmTrail Run.

Visit Iqela Events for more info and online entries (entries are still open!)

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