1. How to raise media-savvy kids in the digital age [Wired].


2. Closeness in the age of coronavirus explores the human side of the virus, cultural norms and what it’s like being in China during the outbreak [Refinery29].


3. If you’re aware of the Nike Vaporfly controversy but aren’t sure of details this article explains it. On a side note, are platform running shoes becoming a thing? [Outside Online].


4. A towel guide you never knew you needed. And whilst we’re dishing towel tips, a tip I picked up from an episode of Queer Eye, courtesy of Bobby – buy white towels, if they get stained it’s easier to bleach them than colors [Food52].


5. Why washing your hands is the most important and selfless thing you can do [The Atlantic].


6. Salt and pepper should be passed together, never intercept a pass, and other dinner etiquette rules [Cup of Jo].


7. If you watched The Goop Lab and were curious to try the Whim Hof breathing techniques here’s how to [Goop].


8. Produce storage tips I really need to start applying [Domino].


9. Lessons on Love from 40 grandmothers [Medium].

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