1. An experts guide on Covid-19 risks in South Africa and how to manage them. [Daily Maverick]


2. We’re big fans of Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso and have loved doing her workouts… even the hot sauce burpees! This interview has her discussing how to approach fitness at home, her favorite features of NTC and a YouTube channel filled with workouts. [Forbes]


3. “Quitting gets a bad rep. As children, we’re constantly told that it is an act to be avoided. To be a “quitter” just won’t do. Only later in life does the penny slowly drop and you realise that quitting isn’t just about wimping out or a can’t-be-bothered attitude. It’s about taking control of the situations, people and relationships that can forge – or damage – the meandering path of your life.” I listened to the author read an excerpt of this article on a podcast and went in search of the full piece. Here it is, an essay on the art of quitting. [WePresent]


4. A really comprehensive (but long) guide to food and Coronavirus. Particularly useful if you want to get takeaways but are nervous or are considering doing a sit-down restaurant meal. Also great if you have a food establishment. [Serious Eats]


5. How to use ground spice when a recipe calls for whole spices that you don’t have. [Bon Appetit]


6. “That’s the challenge right now — not to put your head down and ignore the world, but to put your head down and absorb it. To remember how to float, in spite of the burdens you carry.” This article made me miss swimming, I’m a warm weather swimmer and can’t wait for the pool to warm up to a temperature I can handle. [NY Times]


7. Money saving hacks to master. [22Seven]


8. Working from home has its benefits, but it also has its downsides. Namely blurring the lines between home and work leading to working after hours and burnout. This article looks at how this has affected workers and an app from Richard Sutton, author of The Stress Code (which is a fantastic book, you can read our review here) designed to help managed stress in the workplace. [Business Live]


9. The difference between muscle tension, knots and trigger points and how to ease them. [Goop]

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