1. I once experienced turbulence so bad that when the plane landed my entertainment screen dislodged from the back of the seat in front of me and landed on my lap. I didn’t get harmed but on average 58 people a year are hurt by turbulence. This is what turbulence actually is and why some scientists believe climate change is causing it to get worse [Travel + Leisure]
  2. A vegan chocolate tart that’s as healthy as a chocolate tart can get. Yes Please! [The Truffle Journal]
  3. Carol Vosloo, General Manager of Two Oceans responds to concerns over the huge amounts of litter left on the roads of this past weekend’s race [EWN]
  4. Exercise and diet are critical pieces of healthy living and weight loss. But they’re only two puzzle pieces. These 4 keys to fat loss may be more helpful than the adage “eat less and move more” [Greatist]
  5. It’s so easy to see someone who’s put on weight and make snide remarks about them letting themselves go. We’re so quick to judge, and slow to consider what’s actually going on. In this honest post, Wentworth Miller addresses a fat shaming internet meme of himself, and opens up about his struggles with depression [Wentworth Miller]
  6. New research has found that women suffering from endometriosis have a higher risk of heart disease [Science Daily]
  7. What makes someone travel from Australia to South Africa to do the Unogwaja challenge not once but twice? Jabu interviews Craig Wiseman to find out [Sports24seven]
  8. On a list of cool jobs, this one rank high. One Thai triathlete spent two years travelling 500 000km, 5000 of which he walked to capture new sites in Thailand for Google’s street view [Mashable] link fix
  9. 8 stretches that can end the pain of sciatica [Popsugar Fitness]
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