Article by Carly Barnes

As Brand Manager for EasyEquities Carly seeks to empower all South African’s to engage with the stock market – growing their wealth and the economy at large – on the cheapest, easiest platform around.

Just over a year ago I was the first to admit how absolutely clueless I was about investing. In my 20 something year old mind investing was something that happened over there, in a world far away from my own. I thought I’d have to get someone in a suit to explain how all this (boring) stuff worked, and after that I figured that in order for it to mean anything I’d have to part with a big chunk of my small pay check every month. Sound like fun? For sure not.

Then as I reached the big 3-0 a lot of things started becoming more of a focus in my life. I started valuing my time and I wanted to make the best use of it that I could. I started actively practicing being kind to my body and filling it with more of the good than the bad. I hit the gym. I readjusted my career trajectory. I adopted the cutest little mutt. I traded my party fund for upgrades to my house, which I own. Without even knowing it, I was already investing. Investing in a better future for myself. Investing in better life goals. Investing in longevity!  Investing in the potential to live the life I really wanted.

It was around this time that I set up my EasyEquities account and I’ll admit, I didn’t exactly dive in. But because I could invest with as little as R100 (which I can easily blow on a coffee date without batting an eyelash) it didn’t seem so scary. Certainly less scary than stepping into the gym after a 3 month winter sabbatical? And once I’d done my first few buys and saw how easy and unintimidating it was, I started really having fun. I upped my investing know how (easy when you spend a little time on the EasyEquities blog and YouTube page) and invested – not only in shares, but in myself. I had taken the first step in what has been an incredibly empowering financial journey. Now I have a little nest egg that I’m growing every month with the new recurring investments feature, and I’m as giddy as a little girl when I log in to see how that number has gone up. I did it! All on my own. Just for me.

That’s why I think everyone should invest, why you should invest – because you can. Of course there are massive financial benefits to investing and some might argue that it’s the only way to grow serious wealth for yourself. But for me, that’s just a bonus. The whole experience has made me feel more confident in myself and secure in my future, one which I am carefully molding with every little “investment” I make. They all count.

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