Michael Gregor, MD is the physician behind the wildly popular website NutritionFacts.org and author of the New York Times best selling books – How not to Diet and How not to Die. He’s an internationally recognised speaker on nutrition and public health issues and his books are always jammed packed with interesting and useful information. 

How Not to Diet, the book, which I wrote about here, is a compact history of food, the diet industry and thousands of studies done on weight loss and diets, a history I found both fascinating and disturbing. It also includes his 21 tweaks to accelerate weight loss based on his extensive research throughout the book. 


How Not to Diet, the cookbook, shares over 100 recipes for healthy, permanent weight loss. But, it’s not actually about dieting. Diets he says, don’t work. This is about making lifelong lifestyle changes that benefit your overall health including weight control. It includes both information, guidance and recipes that combine his daily dozen into recipes and meal plans. This daily dozen are the healthiest green light foods which are plant based foods to which nothing bad has been added and nothing good taken away. It essentially gives you the practical actionable part of his book How not to Diet. The recipes are created by Robin Robertson and are bright, colourful, hearty and packed with plant-based goodness. 


Win How Not to Diet: The book and cookbook by Michael Gregor, MD

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  • Megan H
    August, 23, 2021

    The grape diet…where you eat grapes for breakfast, lunch and supper. Such a waste of time because I was hungry all the time!!!!!

  • Lindsay Cook
    August, 20, 2021

    Water diet, unsustainable and fostered a negative body image!

    August, 20, 2021

    weighless- all that measuring in minuscule amounts, it was starvation & not sustainable

  • Andrea
    August, 20, 2021

    the paleo diet – i ended up gaining more weight and I started getting so tired of the same foods everyday.