[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A few winter warmers we’ve been loving lately.


1. Socks

Cozy socks are a must during winter and we love the Heat Holder Thermal socks we’ve been wearing for years. They come in different thickness / warmth levels and have a deliciously soft and fluffy lining. The lite are our go to – they’re thick enough to provide enough warmth but can still be worn with slippers. If you want the best color choices, get them instore.

For everyday wear (ie. can be worn with outdoor shoes) these slouchy boot socks are great – super comfy, not too thick to fit into shoes and warmish.


2. Base Layers

For days when you need multiple layers, a good thin (but warm) base layer that fits seamlessly under clothing is essential. We have almost every variation of spencer/vest from Woolworths and the Heat Generation ones are definitely the warmest. For sleeping in these vests are great.

If you run cold and like being toasty, we love the Heat Holders Thermal Leggings which can be worn under sweats, pants, jeans, sweater dresses and at home only as a leggings (they do not pass the bend and snap test).


3. House Shoes

As we are yet to find the perfect slipper, we switched focus to a house shoe that can be worn with socks (fashun). These faux fur double buckle slides are wonderful. They’re incredibly comfortable, have a fluffy lining (anything with fluff wins in winter) and the buckle can be adjusted so you can comfortably wear a thick thermal sock with them.


4. Hot water bottles

No one loves a hot water bottle more than a South African female. And the cover is the most important part – you want something soft or fluffy, something that feels lush as you clutch onto it trying to warm up or ease cramps. We opted for these lush velvet ones which are uber soft.


5. Appliances

Soups, stews, curries… basically anything warm and comforting makes for the best winter meals. They’re also all meals that the Instant Pot makes particularly well (and fast). Here’s some of our favourite Instant Pot recipes.


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