[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Confession – I’m not a snack person. I’m a meal person. As long as I have my 3 meals a day, I rarely feel the need to snack; and I prefer drinking (water, tea, coffee) between meals, rather than eating food. I snack mostly when I’m not eating properly, travelling or have upped my training significantly.  Most often my snack stash sits for months untouched. And while I spend time planning and prepping meals, my planning when it comes to snacks, involves throwing a bar or two in my bag before heading out.


A DM conversation revealed that others do snack and with great levels of expertise. One such person is Belinda of @listeningtomygut who says she’s a snacker due to her Crohn’s, which means she needs to eat smaller portions more often. To avoid getting light headed or turning to takeaways and unhealthy options, she keeps a snack stash in her office that would rival my travel food stash.


Belinda shared the items she always has on hand in the office for healthy snacking (and meals) plus some ideas of how to use them.



Most offices will have a kettle and microwave to make hot drinks and warm up food, but when you’re an expert snacker you need more…

Bowls, Plates and Cutlery – hard plastic reusable is inexpensive and less likely to break.

Stick Blender – I leave my old stick blender at work for quick easy smoothies.

Tin opener – I bought a cheap tin opener that I’m happy to leave at work.



Nomu hot chocolate – it may not be the “healthiest” choice, but I try to prepare for cravings and would rather have this than canteen hot chocolate laden with sugar

Chai rooibos tea

Protein powder to add to smoothies.

Fresh ginger and Lemon – In winter I bring a few slices of ginger and lemon to work to last for few days that I keep in fridge for teas.


Shelf Stable Food

Nut butter – my two staples are peanut butter and macadamia butter. I like to slice a banana and mix a teaspoon of nut butter over it for an amazing snack.

Slivered Almonds – to jazz up cooked oats I bring from home.

Dry cereal / muesli – for days where you don’t have time to eat at home. Instant Oat packets are also a good keep at work option.

Cinnamon – to sprinkle on oats and nut butter.

Honey – to add to warm oats or add to tea.

Tinned tuna – It keeps well and can become a tuna salad.  I’ll either bring salad leaves from home or buy at a nearby shop.  Keep some mayo if you want to include that or just add it to crackers and rice cakes.

Crackers – Provita, rice cakes or rice crackers all keep quite well in cupboard for a while. Just bring avocado, hummus or cream cheese from home to spread on.

Couscous – it’s easy to make in a microwave; or just add hot water, cover and let sit for a few minutes.

Dried rice noodles disks – I add them to soups to bulk them up.


Fresh Food

Fresh fruit – bring in some to keep on your desk for a fresh snack.

Boiled eggs – a good snack, or mash with mayo for a salad / spread on your crackers.

Soups and broth – heat up in a microwave and add noodles for bulk.

Avocado, cream cheese or dips – for spreading on crackers.


Are you snack person or a meal person? Meet in the comments (with a snack) to discuss.


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