1. Ultra processed foods are more problematic than once thought and it has to do with the detrimental effects they have on your microbiome [Vox].
  2. Essential oils aren’t essential or oils [The Chalkboard Magazine].
  3. Forget the pricy drinks, weird habits and little pills meant to bio-hack your body. Here’s 7 all natural and normal bio-hacks that actually work (except #7).
  4. If you follow a lot of US running accounts you probably saw the numerous tweets and articles posted about Gabe Grunewald, a pro runner who lost her decade long battle with cancer this past week. Back in 2017 she wrote this piece that will make you rethink how you approach the hurdles that life throws you – “Cancer can stop you from doing a lot of things, I’m well aware of that. But I’m more interested in what cancer can’t stop me from doing. Here’s to finding out.” [Spikes].
  5. Does thirst begin in your throat or gut and why do some drinks not satiate your thirst? [Scientific American].
  6. The problem with the wellness industry [The New York Times]
  7. How apple cider vinegar, juices and plant milks may be wrecking your teeth [Refnery29].
  8. The worst cleaning tips these experts have heard. Except number 4, newspaper is the best window cleaner wiper and I don’t care if the experts don’t agree. [The Kitchn]
  9. Why sweating when you have a cold feels so good (but won’t actually cure it) [Women’s Health].


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